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My Best Friend and His Little Sister

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Starts w/ some MM but is more about MF


I think I'll start kind of in the middle- and hopefully share the before and after another time. :D This story is more about his sister, but I'll start w/ him & I....

I was living with one of my best friends & his family for a while. He was a bit younger than myself, and looked up to me. I had a job & helped his folks by paying money every month to help pay for stuff, & me being there & all. He has a younger sister.... I've got black curly hair & eyes, and am pretty athletic. Actually, we're all pretty much the same, except she was a bit heftier, but not overweight. She was really into gymnastics, so she was just built, with muscle, is all. Well, she was built, in her bra size, too.... They are both blonde with green eyes.

Shortly after he & I became friends, we were curious about sex & all. I'd told him about an early experience I'd had with a classmate from school when I hadn't even started puberty. It happened not too long before I started, because I did start a bit early, for a guy but anyway, it'd been years before. It got him all curious, some of the stuff that I'd done, so one night, after everyone else had gone to bed, & we'd been playing video games for hours, we were talking about it again. He wanted to see what it was like, right? I'd been so young & all, well, we hardly did anything 'right', I'm sure, so I was up for whatever he wanted to try! We both got naked with blankets & all close by in case someone came to the kitchen for a drink. We were in the family room where the TV was, and there's no wall between the kitchen & the family room. Well anyway, so he wants to try anal- he didn't really care for me to do him orally for some reason. I'm sitting on the couch but take a cushion off so I'm the right height & bend my legs & knees to give him good access. I was really used to putting stuff up my hole, so it didn't hurt or anything. In fact, I guess I like it a bit rougher or something, because even though it did feel pretty good, he was so slow & careful? it didn't do a whole lot for me. I can't recall if he came in me or not- we might not have done it too long (this was about ten years ago- sorry I've lost some details).

Well, his sister at this time had some friends over a LOT. Almost every night it seemed she had some girlfriend or other over, & they were all so dog-gone cute, and developing & everything.... They loved to play truth or dare, but since I was a bit older than they- even older than her brother- I was kind of leary of joining in because of how it might blow up in my face & get in trouble with the law, yanno? Well, anyway, she would change right in front of me,- sometimes either out in the family room because the laundry was right there & she'd want something from there, or I'd be in her room & she wouldn't make me close my eyes. But she knew that I wasn't going to be totally scoping her out. She knew that because before, lots of times she'd flash her brother & me, but I'd close my eyes. I know- some of you might think I was a fool, but I think it payed off later! How? I'll tell you!

Fast forward a few years. I'd since moved out, got my own place & all. My new job paid even better, and just as good, I got off about the same time she got home from school. I'd still drop by all the time & help her with her homework & we'd talk & sometimes I'd give her a backrub because of gymnastics & all her back would get tight. Well, one time I'd come in & she didn't hear me because she was still in her room when I first came in the door, but by the time I got to the hall, she'd come out of her room & was headed to the bathroom- BUTT ASS NAKED! I came around the end of the hall at JUST the right time! I always knew she had a cute butt & now I got to see her totally naked, walking down the hall to take a shower. I don't really remember exactly what she said or how she reacted but she was just startled, she didn't scream or whatever, just like 'Oh, you're here!', & took her shower. After that happened it kind of broke the ice, so to speak. So sometimes we'd be talking about something, & be in the middle of a great conversation and she would want to keep talking, but need to go to the bathroom. So she told me to come with her, & I'd sit at the door & we'd just keep talking. I couldn't really see much because the toilet was sideways to the door, but I could see just a bit of hair between her legs. Besides, like I said, I didn't stare at her- I'd keep my eyes on her face most of the time. Well then she broke her leg one time, and needed help getting into & out of the tub to take a bath, since she couldn't shower because of the cast. She'd hang that leg out of the tub & I'd help her, so then I got to see her totally naked. Too bad it had the glass doors, so I still couldn't check her out as much as I could've otherwise, but I still got some great views because she didn't keep both doors closed! She kept her hair trimmed pretty well, and her chest was a 36C so she was pretty good sized (though I actually prefer smaller, anyway). After that there were times I'd want to take a shower after work & she'd want to take one after school, so we'd use the excuse of wanting to use the shower right after the other because the bathroom was all warm & all? So we'd kind of see each other while getting in & out. I'm not sure how I managed to not have a full-on raging rock-hard boner, but somehow I did! I don't know how much she was checking me out, anyway, but I'm SURE she did. How could you not!?

Sadly that was about the extent of it, mostly because of like I said, there was some age difference but also because she really is so much like a little sister to me, and I know that I'm like a big brother to her & her real brother, so she just doesn't think of me that way. Sometimes she'd ask questions about guys but I never got it to where I'd show her myself....

I really wanted to but I didn't want to force it on her in any way....

One more thing that happened that was pretty awesome and fried my brain so bad I hardly was able to take it in which TOTALLY sucks.... We were home alone again & she come home from her boyfriends & I don't know when she did it (there, or before she went over to his place), but she'd cut herself somewhere on her lips when she was trimming with scissors. It COMPLETLEY FLOORED me because she is talking to me while she's on the toilet & then she goes 'OW!' when she's wiping & I'm like 'What's wrong', so she tells me she was trimming & cut herself, and then she just SPREADS HER LEGS & lips & shows me where the cut was, & I was....wow. Damn it, my brain didn't record that image.... I read here about guys seeing a girl & having it burned into their mind & never forgetting it & I'm like 'Why didn't that happen to me!?!?'. I remember it happening but not with clarity what she looked like.... I do remember thinking she must have been aroused because her outer lips were hardly noticable. I like to daydream what woulda happened if I'd just reached out to touch her.... Not sex because she was so much younger than I then & all, but just maybe giving her a great orgasm.... SIGH

Well, that's about it. Next time maybe I'll write about my girlfriend & I.... or some of my solo experiences- you won't believe some of the things I've done & can do!! :D

Hope you enjoyed reading!



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