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My Best Friend

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My best friends and our shared benefits


During the summer between our sophomore and junior year, I went to hang out at my best friend's house. We were both 16 at the time. His parents were out of town so we decided to watch some movies and I spent the night. Later that night, we found ourselves talking about jerking off, a topic we joked about often. I happen to have stumbled across my father's porn collection earlier that summer and brought one with me for us to watch. It was a hot summer night and I remember my friend and I sitting on the couch, watching and joking about the videos. At one point, he got hot and took off his shirt while we enjoyed the sex scenes. After the porn was over, we looked at each other and my buddy joked about how we both knew we would be jerking off, so why not go up to his room and just do it together.

I followed him up stairs, filled with every emotion possible. I was extremely nervous but mostly excited for the possibility that we would actually be doing this together. It had been something I thought about often while I jerked off at home but never thought it would become a reality. Once in his room, we both undressed. We stood there staring at each other and focused on our hard-ons. He was much larger than me at just under eight inches cut, with a slight curve upward towards his belly button. I was only six inches and mine leaned a little to the left. He grabbed a bottle of lotion and we laid down next to each other on his bed and began stroking, focusing on each others' dicks. I came first and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned to his room, he was still stroking and soon after shot a large load all over his chest. I remember it formed a huge puddle on his stomach. We both laughed as I helped him clean up what seemed like an unimaginable amount of semen.

We continued to meet up and jerk off with each other every chance we got. Almost a year later, we were hanging out with all of our friends after prom. The next morning, he asked if I could drive him to his brother's house so he could feed their cat. His brother and wife were out of town so we decided to hang out a bit. He had mentioned that he would watch his brother's porn collection when they were away and even showed me a tube of lube that he found. We decided to get undressed and use the lube while we jerked off together.

While we were both stroking, I mentioned that I had missed receiving hand jobs from my ex-girlfriend. He chuckled and shared that he had never received one. We both just looked at each other and he smiled and said 'I will 'scratch' your back if you 'scratch' mine.' I gladly agreed, sat up and began to stroke his large, rock hard dick. It felt so awesome to feel it pulse with ever stroke, watch his body tremble with pleasure and tense up as he began to cum and shoot his infamous large loads.

He caught his breath and gladly stroked me to the same climax he just enjoyed. This was our new favorite thing to do while we hung out. We would take turns jerking each other off, we would jerk each other off at the same time, and we enjoyed every second of it. This continued during our visits home on school breaks during college, and we soon advanced to other means of pleasing each other, and continue to do so up to today. Fifteen years later, we are still best friends and still meet up to help get each other off.



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