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My Best Friend

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When I was about 15 me and my best friend Garrett were hanging out non stop. He was always at my house hanging out and spending the night. One summer day I remember we were in the hot tub in my back yard with the jets on. I had pulled off my swim trunks without him noticing and had put my penis up to the jet. Soon afterward I had became very hard and I guess Garrett somehow noticed. I saw him also pull down his shorts and also stuck his penis against another jet. After about 10 minutes we both thought we would be clever I guess and say we needed to hold our breath and count how long the other could hold it. Each time I went down I would feel and rub against Garretts boner knowing he knew I was doing it intentionally. He also did the same to me with neither one of us admitting anything. We both said something dumb like I'm so numb from how cold the water is making an excuse to how we can't feel anything.

Well later that night me and Garrett were watching some movie we had both seen on my pull out couch. We were both laying there in the sheets when Garrett asked if I cared if he slept naked? I said dude I dont care we've known each other since we were like two, I've seen you naked before. Knowing why Garrett was asking in my head I had no hesitation to also strip down but only to my boxers. After about an hour Garrett seemed to drift off to sleep (maybe faking). So around 1 in the morning I put my leg up on the back of his and put my hand on his back. I knew he was awake from his back moving up and down from his heavy breathing. I slowly moved my hand further downward to his mid thigh where his boxers cut off. I stuck my hand in between his legs rubbing him gently when he started to turn towards me. I suddenly took my hand away and acted asleep again not knowing what he was doing. He then slowly pulled his boxers down and stuck his hand in between us. Me noticing this I also pulled off my boxers knowing I was extremely horny. I again reached for his thighs slowly rubbing his inner thigh. I could tell he was also hard from the sheets moving up from his boner. After about five minutes I turned towards him with my penis hitting his hand in between us. He then turned towards me with my hand in his inner thigh rubbing him and our faces maybe a foot away from eachother. I then reached up to grab penis, him doing the same. We both stroked eachother slowly and gently for about five minutes until he slowly yanked me closer on top of him. At this point our cocks were touching, mine in between his legs rubbing him. We were both insanely hard and rubbed against eachother until he began to cum. I got off right before he cummed though. Reaching over I finished him off and I could tell he was satisfied. He then got on top of me and finished me off spraying all over his dick and my chest.

Since this night we've had numerous times jacking off together. We are both straight and good friends still now.



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