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My Best Friend

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In this story I talk about some of the things my best friend told me about herself that really got me going. We aren't actually together in this story.


So I am an 18 year old guy with the greatest best friend on the planet. She is 16, is about 5'7' and the most beautiful thing on the planet. She has long black hair, b cup breasts and the nicest butt I have ever seen. I love her so much. I still remember the first time I saw her in a sexual way, we were at my house watching tv sitting on the couch, she bent down to pick something up and I saw her thong, I instantly got hard, before that happened I had never even thought of her in a sexual way. I still get hard thinking of that day.

As the months went on from that day I asked her out she said no because she had dated best friends in the past and only ended up having to end the friendship, but I still loved her. Anyway we became even closer friends, every day we stayed up all night long talking about stuff, usually mostly innocent stuff and joking around. One night in particular we were talking about her and I was complimenting her on how perfect and beautiful she was and she was denying every word of it, she has terrible self esteem, but she said that everybody calls her a whore because of what she had done. I was highly confused and asked what she meant. She said 'you haven't heard...pretty much the entire school knows!' I said no. She then told me a very very sexy story.

She was at school and she skipped class to meet her boyfriend. They met in a hallway and stood in the office and started making out. She then told me that after a few minutes she started getting very wet. (As soon as I heard this I was as hard as a rock, she had never said anything that dirty before). She told him to go to the bathroom and she would sneak in there and they could mess around in there. So he left and went into the bathroom, a few minutes later she snuck in and they began to make out again. They worked their way to a stall and he sat down on the toilet. Then she told me something that to this day gets me off so much. She undid his pants and gave him a blowjob, in the bathroom at school.

I was amazed that she did this, I had absolutely no idea. I started jacking off right then, we were on the phone so she didn't know I was doing it, although she probably could have guessed. I don't think this makes her a whore, most girls at that age start doing things like that and most of then end up having sex and she's still a virgin.

Then around Christmas break we started talking all night again, we stopped because her parents found out and put parental controls on her phone, but they took them off. And one day she said she could hear her mom and dad talking and she said that it had been a while since she had 'heard them' if you know what I mean. She told a few stories about how she would hear them doing it and she would yell at them to be quiet, she was young and didn't understand what was going on. I told her a story of how I accidentally walked in on my younger sister masturbating with a hairbrush. She said 'wow I've never thought of using that to masturbate' she asked me if I ever do it, so I told her about how I learned and how often I do it (which is around 3-4 times a week) and how I do it. I asked her how she does it, she told me about how she rubs her clit and fingers herself, but she had never put anythng else up there. I told her about how I jack off to the thought of giving a blow job, which is actually pretty wierd because I have absolutely no desire to have sex with her. She laughed and said 'Yeah I had a feeling you did' I started jacking off thinking about her having her first orgasm, she told me about it but I don't really remember the story.

Yesterday she went over to see her new boyfriend (who is a complete tool and an ass btw). She got home and called me and said 'I just had the best time at ****'s house.' I said oh yeah. she said you won't believe what happened. I started to get nervous because I thought she lost her virginity to him and I really don't want that to happen because I love her and like I said he's a douche. She said they were sitting on her bed making out and she could feel his boner through his pants, so she told me that she put her legs around him and sat right on top of it, she started moving back and forth and had the best orgasm of her life, I sighed with relief because she didn't have sex with him, at the same time my dick got incredibly hard. I started jerking and came within two minutes. she talked about how she came for the first time and soaked her panties and how she saw the cum stain in his jeans when she finished. I was in heaven thinking about what she did because it had literally just happened and I was the only person other than them that knows.

I love talking to her because I always get more and more stories that drive me wild, and the more I learn about her the more I fall in love with her. I hope all of you reading picture someone you love doing these things even if they have never done them, it is a great way to get off.



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