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My Best Friend

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We were best friends


When I was 13 or 14 years old, I had a best friend named Ralph. (Not his real name) Ralph and I were inseperable. We played football and baseball together, rode sleds together in winter and even flirted with girls together. Ralph lived a block down the street from me with his aunt and uncle. It was just a three room flat so his room was in the basement. Often during the summer I would spend the night at Ralph's house and we would watch tv in his room usually staying up well past midnight watching tv and goofing off.

One night, we watched tv quite late and I got sleepy so I got in my bed and turned my back to the tv to block some of the light. After a little while, I heard a noise coming from Ralph's direction so I slowly turned over and pretended to be asleep. Opening my eyes slightly, I looked over at Ralph and there he was stroking his rock hard dick. It was huge! Ralph was the same age as me but was very tall for his age. At 14 he was already over six feet tall and obviously had a dick to match. My 7' dick got hard instantly watching him stroke his dick but I was afraid to do anything about it and besides, where would I cum? I continued to watch and eventually he rolled over on his side and came on the floor next to his bed. Soon after he turned off the tv and we both went to sleep.

The next day I finally admitted that I had watched him jerk off the night before and he said the next time I stayed over we could both jerk off if I wanted to.

A week or so later, I stayed over again and after watching tv a while, Ralph pulled his dick out and began to stroke it. I decided to do the same and we watched each other stroke our dicks and as before, he came on the floor next to his bed. I followed suit and came on the floor next to my bed. We continued to do this everytime I stayed over and eventually it led to him stroking me and me stroking him. Neither one of is/were gay and girls were always a topic of conversation between us.

One time, after Ralph had moved a little further away, I stayed over at his house and he now had his own room upstairs. He no longer had twin beds in his room, just a full size bed that we slept in. We started off stroking each other as we had so many times and I was fascinated by the size of his dick. Probably twice the girth of mine and at least nine to ten inches. After stroking each other for a while, we both came on the floor next to his bed.

Eventually, I moved much further away and although we kept in touch for a while, we eventually lost contact. Ralph is and was the only male I ever had any contact with, but we did have lot's of fun masturbating. Although I was married for 36 years when my wife passed away, I continued to masturbate when she was still living and still do. Just one of life's little pleasures.



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