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My Best Friend

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An afternoon that I will never forget.


Mike had been a close friend of mine since elementary school. Now we were both seniors in a high school in New Jersey. His parents had fallen on hard financial times and were forced to move to New York to take new jobs that they had been offered. Unwilling to uproot Mike from his high school with two months left until graduation, they decided to let him stay with me and my family until they purchased a large apartment in the New York Suburbs. Mike never knew that I had a bisexual crush on him, especially since he joined our cross country team the previous fall. I admired his lean smooth body as he ran during practice. Occasionally, I would take glances at him in the showers, but I don't think he ever caught on.

One day after coming home from an after school meet, I stripped naked and took a long hot shower to settle my nerves about school. I am not used to having someone share a room with me, and I didn't hear Michael come into the room during my shower. Still, I was paranoid about being caught masturbating so I took out a bottle of lube from the cabinet and began lubing my soft penis. After a few seconds of stroking I had a hard seven inch erection that pointed straight up as I lay on the ground legs spread wide open. Then I saw the doorknob turn and the door swung open. Mike just looked at me and said, 'Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were in here.' I was shocked and very embarrassed, but to my surprise he asked if he could join me. Imagine my luck, a boy who I admired for so long wanted to have a masturbation session! We locked our bedroom door and lay on the bed. Michael stripped off his clothes revealing a throbbing hard-on about the same size as mine. I poured some lube on his cock for him and we began stroking away.

A few minutes into it I began to ooze tons of pre-cum and started to moan in ecstasy. He looked at my cock and said, 'Wow that feels really good huh?' I managed a hushed affirmation as my body began to tremble. Then he did something I'd never forget, he looked into my eyes and I could tell that he liked me too. He told me to relax and his hands took control on my cock and balls. He began rubbing my balls and stroking me tightly. He was amazing, he slowly stroked my head and I started to moan. 'Oh, God. I don't know if I can take it anymore!' I felt extreme pleasure jolt through my lower body, my buttocks contracted and my back arched up. 'OH MY GOD!' I shot five huge spurts of cum across my chest, onto his arms and stomach. He began rubbing his penis and told me that he was close to cumming. I reached over and slid my hand over his cock as he closed his eyes. I wrapped my legs around him as my wet cock pushed against his leg. He quivered and said, 'You're so good at this. I hope your parents don't hear me!' I assured him they don't come home this early, and continued to stroke him.

His body started shaking, and my cock was soon hard again. I began stroking both of our cocks together. He seemed to be okay with the contact, and his hips began thrusting. The feeling of his penis against mine sent a flow of pre-cum onto his head. His eyes close and he began to jolt. 'Oh, I'm gonna cum. Keep doing it, ahhhhhhh!' He sent a fountain of cum flying all over both of us. He was shaking so much that his hot cum and the movement sent me over the edge. He lubed up my cock with his cum and I too began to cum once more; except this orgasm was even more powerful. I screamed, 'OH SHIT!' My legs and feet began to shake and contract, knocking over a lamp by the bed. I shot three loads of cum onto his stomach, and he laid back and smiled.

We continued to do this every day until he left. Our relationship now is stronger than ever. Consequently, we took a shower together and spent the rest of the day doing laundry to hide our cum soaked sheets.



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