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My Best Friend

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Long time reader, but my first story on Solotouch.com


This is about my best friend growing up, but a bit of background first. I learned to masturbate by accident in the shower when I was 12. I was soaping my penis and got an erection that would not go down. The feelings kept getting better so I did not stop. I was unprepared for the ejaculation and my knees buckled from the force of it. I also didn't know what just happened, and was worried for a couple of days that I had broken my penis and would have to tell my parents. I quickly figured out what happened to me by reading some books that my parents had in the house, but still felt guilty for a couple of years about my, now chronic, masturbation habit.

Back to my best friend Steve. Steve and I were very close since meeting in the second grade. We were inseparable until my parents moved from my hometown at the age of 12. (My first orgasm happened in the new house by the way). Steve and I visited each other as often as could be arranged-always during the summer break.

One summer at age 13 or 14, Steve and I were 'camping out' in the woods behind my parent's house in a fort that my brother and I had built. Steve and I were talking about sex as kids do, and I mentioned that I thought I knew how to simulate the feeling of having sex with a woman. He was very interested and wanted to know more. I told him to lick his thumb and forefinger and make a circle out of them and slide it over his penis. We tried this in our sleeping bags, but didn't cum together that night. I thought that I had tought him to masturbate, but thinking back on it, he probably just wanted to figure out how much I knew. Either way, it was clear that we both knew the same things now.

Steve and I did end up masturbating together twice. The next time we slept out in the fort, we started talking about masturbation and I suggested that maybe we could learn some new techniques if we watched each other. Steve said sure, and we agreed to take turns masturbating. I don't think Steve really got what I was saying since he started masturbating inside his sleeping bag. When I realized that he was not going to uncover, I said 'Steve, how am I going to learn about your technique if I can't see you?' He agreed and quickly pulled back the sleeping bag.

Steve's penis was smaller than mine at the time, thinner but also circumcised. Steve then did something odd I thought. He put a tissue on his belly to catch his semen-something I never thought of doing and would've found distracting. He came very quickly into the tissue as I watched the whole thing. I was in awe, seeing semen shooting out of another penis for the first time. Then it was my turn. I pulled back my sleeping bag and started masturbating. I was very excited to be showing this to somebody finally, something that I tried to keep very secret up until now-but best friends don't have any secrets after all.

Steve complained that I was taking too long and I got the impression that he really was not into watching me. I had figured out early on that the longer I could hold out, the better the orgasm would be, but I picked up the pace for Steve's sake. I came all over my belly and cleaned up with a tissue. I then asked Steve if he learned anything and he said no, not really. I said that I didn't either. The truth is that we had very similar masturbation styles. But my primary motive was never to learn something new, but watch my best friend masturbate-I had tought him after all right? I also wanted to find an excuse for him to watch me with his undivided attention-something that doesn't happen when two guys are masturbating at the same time. In fact, if we did masturbate simultaneously, each of us would probably try to not look at the other, for fear of being TOO interested.

The second time that Steve and I masturbated together was at his house. His parents had moved by now, but stayed in the same town. We were 15-16 at the time. Since Steve didn't have a place to sleep outside, we decided to 'camp out' in his basement. Steve had told me that he 'could have sex all day'. I said 'what are you talking about? You know that you've never had sex before' Steve said that what he meant was that he could masturbate all day long if he had the chance. I agreed.

That night in the basement, we had our sleeping bags out but were not tired. We decided to sit across from each other with our legs crossed and show each other our penises. We were both immediately hard. My penis was still bigger and fatter than Steve's but he had VERY low hanging testicles, which I had not noticed before. His scrotum easily touched the ground as we were sitting, and I could not help but to comment out loud to him. I think this embarrassed Steve, but I was truly impressed.

Later that night, I suggested that we do a 'bunny hop' around the basement. We were still naked and hard, and this was just a stupid excuse to see Steve's penis bouncing up and down. Steve went for it, and again we took turns. I remember sitting down on an excercise bicycle seat nearby, still naked and hard. All of the sexual excitement, and the sudden pressure of the edge of the seat on the root of my penis underneath my testicles, caused me to immediately start to ejaculate. I was shocked and embarrassed and tried to casually wipe the tip of my penis with my arm. Steve was looking right at me and must have seen this, but said nothing.

Shortly after this, Steve up and left without saying anything. I thought he was going to the bathroom, but when he didn't return in a short amount of time, I went looking for him. I put on some pants (I think) and went outside, searching around the house. It was dark, so I was walking slowly. I eventually found Steve naked and lying on the grass on the side of his house-masturbating. He hadn't seen me, so I tried to back up slowly without disturbing him. In truth, I wanted to watch him, but I ended up tripping on something which startled him. Steve got up and said 'what are you doing!?' I said that I was sorry, but since he was gone so long, I was wondering what happened to him. We ended up masturbating in the basement, but without really showing each other what we were doing.

Steve and I eventually lost touch with each other, but I did find out that he got married. I turned out gay, but didn't know it, or admit it for a few more years. Even though I had two other friends that I got naked and hard with during this time period, Steve was the only boy that I ever masturbated with until I was about to go to college. But that is another story.



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