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My Best Friend

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When I was in the eighth grade I had my first experience masturbating with another guy. We had been friends throughout most of the year and talked about everything under the sun especially sex. We would be sitting outside during lunch and discuss how we would fuck our favorite girl if given the chance; sometimes describing in detail each step we would take. This of course only made us more turned on and often times I would have to stop by the bathroom before returning to class to relieve myself.

One day during lunch my friend told me he had found a secret place in the old portion of the school and did I want to check it out with him. I said sure and off we went. It turned out to be an old abandoned restroom. It was clear that it had not been in use for some time. As we explored the surroundings we started talking about our favorite subject sex and it wasn't long before I was so turned on I did not think I could wait any longer. Apparently he felt the same way because he said that he needed to masturbate before he exploded and told me I could watch or join him.

I did not wait but undid my belt and dropped my pants and pulled my underwear down to my knees exposing my little hard on. He undid his pants and underwear as well. He had a nice size dick, hard and already showing precum. I just smiled and started stroking my dick. I asked him to tell me about his sister since he knew I really liked her (She was several years older than both of us.). He told me that what he was going to tell me was a secret and I better not tell anyone else. I said sure now even more excited.

He then proceeded to describe in detail how he would look through the keyhole in his sisters bedroom door at night when she got home from work after everyone was asleep and watch her undress before she would go to bed. Sometimes he would even masturbate while watching if he thought he could get away with it. As he spoke I was watching him stroke his hard dick and started wondering what it would be like to touch another one's dick. Without asking or thinking I reached over and placed my fingers on top of his dick. He froze and didn't say a word. I moved his hand away and started stroking his dick for him. He breathed deeply and I told him to keep on telling me about his sister.

It did not take long before he told me he was going to cum so I pointed his dick towards the wall and started stroking it faster. In a few seconds he exploded squirting his cum all over the wall. It was so exciting. After letting go of his dick I started to stroke mine again when he told me that what's fair for one was fair for the other and took my dick in his hand. This was the first time anyone had ever touched me there and it felt great. He kept stroking and started asking me questions like if I could would I play with his sister. I told him yes and he asked me if he could watch and I told him sure. It didn't take long and I could feel an orgasm building up and I told him I was ready to cum. He told me how he would like to see me finger his sisters pussy. That was all I could take and I exploded squirting my cum all over the floor and his hands. After I finished we cleaned up and left feeling better than I had in a long time. There would be more times and I even got to go over and spend the night at his house and finally get to see his sister naked...but that is another story...



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