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My Best Flight Ever

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Not giving names or other details to keep our identities hidden. Sorry it's so long.


I was putting my bags in the overhead bin getting ready for the 10 hour flight home from Europe when a nice looking blonde woman with a large chest (and lots of cleavage showing) cut through my row from the far aisle looking for her seat. She started settling into the seat across the near aisle from me when another passenger arrived to kick her out of that seat and send her back my way. She didn't speak much English, but I quickly determined that she was seated next to me in the center row, so I helped her put her bags in the overhead and started chatting with her.

At this point in my story I should explain for the ladies what I look like and then provide a little more detail on my seat mate for the men. I am a little under six feet tall and weigh 190 lbs-only about five pounds over my weight at age 30. I am of muscular build, dark, exotic features and I'm told I'm quite handsome and young looking. My neighbor was very blonde, looked to be about my age (was two months older, but looked more than that), and had a nice figure (can't forget those boobs!) and a pretty face. She later showed me some pictures from her younger days-she was a knockout in her 30s!

Even before take-off we were chatting a lot and became quite friendly. We had difficulty communicating due to the language barrier, but she was learning English and had a book that we could both use to look up words in the other's language. As we were sharing the book we were often leaning into each other and there was definitely a lot of touching going on. At one point I moved the arm rest between us to the up position as it was 'getting in the way.' After that, the level of touching and friendliness only increased. (A flight attendant passing out customs forms later mistakenly assumed that we were traveling together!) Several times as I helped her turn the pages of the book the back of my hand would brush against her breasts. It was all very fun and exciting for both of us.

Another aside-I have a gold ring on the third finger of my left hand that she noticed right off, and I noticed she had no ring. She was in fact a widow of five years and told me she had yet to be with a man in those five years. I, of course, told her I was married with kids, but I also made it clear that I was OK with seeing her while she was visiting her daughter in my city. She was not interested and made it clear that once this flight was over we would never see each other again, but for the present she was enjoying herself and didn't want to stop. I took that as a green light to be even more bold.

While going through the book I saw the word for breast and pointed to it and told her I thought hers were very nice-I liked them a lot. She tried to cover herself and I said 'No. They looked too good to cover up.' At that point she agreed to let me look at them as much as I liked! That was so exciting to look down her shirt at her beuatiful breasts whenever I wanted, even have her see me looking, and then just smile at each other. She knew they were nice and didn't mind showing them. She told me they got her into trouble sometimes. She was being so sexy and they looked so hot!

A short while later we both settled in for a nap, and she put a blanket over her that could not help but also cover my left side since we were sitting so close. That looked like a good idea, so even though I was quite warm, I put a blanket over me too that overlapped hers. I then shifted a bit to put my left arm down at my side so my hand was now on the seat between our legs. I was now subtlely and inconspicuously touching the outside of her thigh with the back of my hand and fingers. I discreetly slid my hand along her leg a few times to enjoy more of the feel of her thigh. She then just grabbed my hand as if to say we might as well just be open with each other about showing affection and touching, and then she put our clasped hands right into her lap (still under the blanket). My mind was racing-my fingers were now almost touching her pussy. She had pants on and not a skirt, but I wasn't really thinking about getting her off. I think she just wanted to hold hands, but I just wanted to feel her pussy right there.

I let our hands sit there for a while, giving her hand an occasional squeeze to let her know that I was glad to be holding hands with her. Then after several minutes I just went for it. I slackened my grip and straightened my fingers so that they were now in between her inner thighs just an inch or so from her pussy. When she did not show any signs of resistance, I curled my fingers a bit and slid the first two down slowly until they were now touching her pussy. Still nothing! I assumed she was trying to be discreet and not let anyone know that I had my fingers in her crotch. So I boldly started to slide my fingers up and down along her slit and also rub them in circles around where I thought her clit was. I must have hit it because she finally let out a slight moan, but she still kept her eyes closed and feigned sleep. I let her hand go entirely and now was full on rubbing her clit and her lips. She parted her legs a bit to give me a little better access. Now I really wished she was wearing a skirt! Even still, I could feel the heat and moisture from her pussy start to soak through her panties and pants.

I then decided to go for broke. I rotated my body to face hers, put my pillow and head on her shoulder, and put my right hand down in her lap with my left hand. Then I moved my right hand up and started to feel those big tits-yes, it was over her bra and shirt, but they still felt great! I then slid my fingers into her low cut shirt and under her bra until I found her hard nipple. I squeezed it between my first two fingers a few times. She definitely liked that because she started to shift a lot and moan even more.

I figured I was already going for broke, so why not keep going? I used one of my hands to move hers to my cock, and she immediately started rubbing and squeezing my cock through my pants. I could tell she really wanted to do that. I went back to tweaking her left nipple with my right hand and rubbing her pussy with my left. We both sat there for several minutes enjoying the feel of each other's hand rubbing our sex organs and me feeling her tits and squeezing her nipple. Then she abruptly pulled my hand out of her shirt and her hand away from my my cock and said 'No. Too much.' I agreed that it was, but I didn't want to stop. I decided to show her just how much.

On long flights like that I always wear loose fitting jeans and unbutton the top button and loosen the belt a notch in order to be comfortable. I had already done that long before I knew there would be another benefit to that practice that day. I now quickly used both hands on my belt in front to push my pants down and allow my now throbbing cock to stick out above my pants as much as possible. I am just less than six inches when hard, so I could only get about three inches or so to stick out. I then grabbed her hand again and put it on my naked cock. She loved it-she went nuts! She started stroking me slowly at first, and then faster and faster. She also worked her hand into my pants so she could stroke the full length of my cock. It felt so good! I opened my eyes to see if her action was noticeable and boy-there was no mistake what she was doing to me! I said to myself what the heck and just closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

At one point she stopped and said 'No' again, and I opened my eyes to see a guy at the other end of our row just staring at us. She had stopped stroking but she still held onto my hard cock. I just gave the guy a quizzical look, and after a minute or so he left. She then started stroking me again. I wasn't as hard as I was earlier, but she soon had me rock hard again. I was getting so close! Once again she said 'No' and stopped. I looked and she motioned to the guy across the aisle and one row in front of us. He was turned around and watching us over his shoulder. At this point I realized that there was no way I could come-I didn't need a huge come stain on my shirt and pants for the rest of the 10 hour flight. I explained that to her and she agreed, so she stopped and I put my cock back in my pants.

We picked up again later in the flight a couple more times, but each time we just played with each other for a while but never got each other off. One time she had both her feet on the seat and her knees up by her chest, and that gave me great access to really feel all of her pussy. I got her close, but she said she just couldn't come right there. I tried to convince her to come to the lavatory with me, but she refused. Oh well... It was still the best flight of my life!



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