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My Beliefs

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This is 100% true, I felt I needed to share my beliefs with any other uncertain guys or girls such as I was those weeks ago. I hope I'm a help.


Ask most people and they'll tell you incestual relations of any type are utterly immoral, disgusting, and just plain wrong. Often, these people are so outspoken yet have little or no experience and evidence to back it up. They make flash judgements, and refuse to change their stance whatsoever. Hell, I used to find it repulsive. But now, the fact is, I can't see an argument against it, so long as both parties are sensible. Let me explain my bias...

* * * * *

About five weeks ago, I caught my brother (16) looking at pornography on the internet. Without being too detailed, he was basically sitting naked at the computer watching video clips of two young blonde girls engaging in sexual acts. He had his penis in his hand and was gently masturbating. I must admit, I found it all VERY arousing. I've had a few boyfriends since I was 14, and have gone as far as making out and fondling, so I'm not a complete amateur. It just turned me on.

I decided to take off my skirt, top, bra, and underwear. I then walked quietly towards my brother and said 'Don't worry, I'm not telling mum! I think this is really, really hot, can I enjoy it too?' He blushed as deep a shade of red as I've ever seen, but he managed to say 'I don't mind. Are you planning on watching me?', admittedly in a stammer of sorts! I told him I'd only consider it if he wanted to watch me too. He didn't answer; he just grinned and turned off his computer. I guess we were both too aroused to need it.

I sat on his bed and spread my legs, before softly smoothing my wet vaginal area. He lay in a similar position beside me and began to masturbate, getting harder and faster. My pace quickened, and we began moving in rhythm. We looked into each other's eyes, and some weird connection was felt by us both. We soon orgasmed at pretty much the same time, then collapsed in a heap giggling and breathing deeply. What an erotic event!

I kissed him on the forehead and took my cue to leave, and had a shower.

* * * * *

About three days after this, our parents went away for the night, leaving me home alone and my brother at an Open Evening for some HND place in a nearby town. I was horny, and so laid on my bed naked on my back, fingering myself to ecstasy. I heard him come home, shut the door and walk up the stairs. He opened the door to my room, and blushed, and was about to walk out when I called him over. I stopped masturbating, and asked him how he felt about 'the other night'. We chatted for some twenty minutes about how great it felt, how horny we had been ever since, and of course discussed the ethical stuff surrounding it all. By the end of the conversation, he was naked too, and we were sat opposite each other, clearly both aroused.

By now, we were like fully open and honest with each other. We both suggested simultaneously that we pleasure each other. We argued that if no one knew, we didn't take advantage, and didn't take stupid risks, there'd be no problems whatsoever. So after a few aborted positions, we found comfort in lying on our sides facing each other, legs apart and partially wrapping around each other's hips. My brother had a finger sliding in and out of my vagina and a finger caressing my clitoris, whilst his other hand fondled my breasts and smoothed my buttocks. I gripped his penis with my left, and alternated between his testes, buttocks, and chest with my right. We masturbated each other for forty-five minutes, resulting in three orgasms for him and five for me. We finished the evening by taking a shower together, simply caressing one another before washing and drying. We spent the night in my queen-size bed just cuddling and chatting.

* * * * *

Today, since then, we've masturbated each other between ten and fifteen more sessions, and in addition to this, had five intimate showers, the most erotic culminating in hand-induced orgasms each.

Our parents have no idea we do this, and we've managed to sleep in the same bed every night for the past week. We manage this as our bedrooms are next door in what was an attic, whilst they sleep two floors below next to the kitchen and dining room.

* * * * *

So this is the story of how I became involved in incest, and why my brother and I enjoy an incredibly loving and fulfilling unofficial relationship. We have not tried and have agreed not to try, having sex, as there are far too many risks. We have, though, agreed that masturbation is an area we can enjoy and investigate further.

I hope this story allows others such as us to come to terms with any doubts they may have, and can only hope it serves to allow people to at least reconsider their views before they condemn us. Finally, if this has proved arousing to anyone, I hope it lead to a good orgasm!



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