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My Beautiful Amazing Wife

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I still am amazed and love it.


I am fifty-six and my wife is forty one. We met on a golf course while playing golf with others. We have been married for five years and this woman still amazes me. We were introduced by mutual friends, a couple who thought that we were made for each other. Were they ever right. On this first golf date myself and this new woman 'found' what we had been looking for. We, all four of us played eighteen holes of golf and spent the rest of the day and evening together. The day went by so fast. The whole day seemed like minutes. During this time I knew that I wanted to see this amazing woman again. I was afraid that this day would only be a 'one-time' only event.

We lived in the same state but in different cities. She lived in a major metropolis in the northern part of the state and I lived in the southern part of the state in a small town. We were connected by two hundred sixty-eight miles of interstate highway.

At the end of the day she said that she wanted to see me again. I was in heaven. She said that she would call me. I gave her my phone number, but she wouldn't reciprocate. I thought this strange since she said that she was interested in meeting again. She called exactly two weeks later and left a message on my machine to meet her at the same golf course on Saturday at seven a.m. and not to be late. The message said that if I was late she wouldn't be there. I thought no prolem, I'll be there. Nothing could stop me.

The golf course was pretty close to the half way point between where she lived and where I lived. I was on time and eager to 'play'. She kept it strictly 'business', second date with dinner after, her treat. During our second date she told me that she was a partner in a major law firm and that her income was in the high six figures. She said that she was looking for a man to be her permanent companion. She was so matter of fact I was amazed. She also said that she had me investigated for any criminal activity and financial messes. I passed her back ground check and asked if I was interested. I was of course more than interested. We parted and again still no phone number. She said I'll call.

Three weeks later another message to meet at the same golf course for seven am tee time. This meeting was different. She was dressed in a short sun dress (but not too short)and a ladies polo shirt, white golf shoes. She was hot to look at. For the first time I could see body. she was not wearing clothes that hid her curves. Her athletic body shined from the sun lotion she had on. She teed off first and I was amazed at how she played me.

She made certain that I was watching her as she bent over to tee-up her ball. Her feet were always shoulder-wide apart and she bent at the waist straight over. When she bent over her dress traveled up her fanny and I could see her panties. Her panties were of see through fabric, French-cut bikini type. I thought 'my kind of woman'. This went on for three holes. On the fourth hole I noticed that she had taken off her bra and was now naked under her shirt. Seeing her nipples poke-up under shirt made my manhood jump. I was so excited I wanted to jump her. She always kept her distance, only occasionally touching me. What a tease. Two holes later I noticed that she had taken off her panties. I didn't see her either time when she shed her lingerie but I liked it. We played eighteen holes that day and she won. I played terrible. My heart was pounding so hard after the first four holes I thought I was going to die of a stroke. At the end of the round she handed me a key-card to a nearby hotel. She said to be there in an hour and a half not before.

I arrived exactly as she said. She was in the bathroom, the door was open about six inches. I pushed it open and she said don't come in I'm not ready. She further said to go sit in the middle of the sofa and to wait patiently. At first I was disappointed but it was a short wait. She came out of the bathroom in a long gray terry robe with huge pockets. My heart sank. I was now disappointed but kept my cool. Who knows this might lead some where.

She stood in front of me and told me to not move from where I was seated. She further stated that she needed a screaming orgasm and that I was going to provide it. She then reached into the pockets of her robe and pulled out a large bottle of Intrigue massaging and lubricating oil and the largest vibrator I had ever seen. It was powered with two D cell batteries. She then let her robe drop to the floor and proceeded to lay across my lap. She said tease me and please me, but don't prod in the wrong spot. I interpreted it as leave the brown-eye alone.

I was delighted to be given this task. I opend the spout and squirted out liberal amounts of the liquid all over her lower back, butt and thighs. I spread it to a smooth coat. I turned the vibrator on low and proceeded to rub her back, butt and thighs. I watched how she reacted to what I did. I would move the phallus inside her thighs then pull it back. I would send the vibrations down her fanny crack and circle the brown-eye. This little action would make her raise her body up and she would yelp with excitement. I would move her vibrator with my left hand while I touched her clit with my right. She would become louder with each touch. I teased her and teased her, moving the vibrating phallus from her back to her fanny to her thighs and inside her thighs. I could see her tense up more and more. I finally said to her, 'Are you ready?' after I had been busy 'teasing' for a while. She said yes and turn it up. I turned the vibrator up higher and sent it between her legs. I let it touch her lips but no penetration. I let it touch her clit and she yelp the loudest that she had yet. I then pulled it back and said to her you said to tease. Her body was so worked up that she was starting to visibly sweat. She said that she was ready for the full speed and to do it now. I turned up the speed some more but it was not all the way up. I sent the vibrating torpedo into her vagina and pulled it back. She let out the most beautiful scream. Her love juice flowed from her love canal. She screamed turn it up, turn it up, turn it up. I turned it up all the way. Man, that vibrator had power. I could feel it I don't know how she could stand it. It was only half way in. She shook her body and pushed up and down. She squeaked and yelped like a puppy on a leash. She then said deeper. I pushed it in some more. She let out another scream louder this time. She then said all the way. I pushed the strokes all the way until it stopped going in. Move it faster she said. I moved it as fast as I could. She let out the loudest scream I ever hope to hear. After that loud scream she started to grunt from deep in her throat. After about four or five grunts she said enough, enough in a very urgent satisfied voice. I backed out the ogasmic tool turned it off. She said that was the best ever as she lay recuperating from her enjoyment. My lap was totally wet from her enjoyment

She told me that her vibrator was her best friend and that I could join her any time. I finally got her phone number. We were married exactly fifty-three weeks from our first meeting. There has been many more adventures like this. Maybe I'll write again.



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