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My Back Deck

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This happened once, but hope it happens again.


This summer, I have been enjoying my back deck as a summer retreat where I could be naked and enjoy the sun and soft breezes while I fantasized about various subjects and people... I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist, and always an enthusiastic voyeur, so being 'au natural' on my deck was a great turn on for me, and has always led to a great jerk off session culminating in a powerful orgasm and cum flying everywhere.

Most of my fantasy situations involved someone finding me there on the deck and either joining in, or simply watching with the notion that I was not aware of them being present.

My sex life has always been adaquate, but I've never had the chance to be watched jerking off, or to have a mutual masturbation experience. That was about to change...

I had had a conversation with a casual friend of mine earlier that morning, telling her that I was going to relax out on my deck that afternoon and she should just give me a call if she wanted to come on over and have some lunch or a drink and just lounge on the deck with me. Her answer was very non-committal, stating that she had to work all day, but she would give me a call if she managed to have some free time over her lunch break. I had been flirting with her for the past several months and we had exchanged some racy comments before, and so I told her that she could work on her 'all over tan' on the privacy of my deck to relieve some of the tension of her workday. She laughed, said 'in your dreams', and hung up. I had no expectations that she would call or show up for lunch, but the thought of her tanning naked next to me on my deck was so erotic that I was intantly hard. I planned on thinking about that image for a while and having a wonderful jerk off session.

After about 20 minutes of lightly stroking my cock and fondling my balls, I had a nice flow of pre-cum going that I swirlled around my cock head, which felt wonderful. Suddenly out of the corner of my vision, I thought I saw movement. Imagining that it was just wishful thinkiing, I closed my eyes again, and continued on with my slow jerking. Then I heard a sound that I was sure was not my imagination-I opened my eyes again, and there was my friend, not three feet away from me, staring and grinning like a little girl on Christmas morning! I was quite startled, and stammered some foolishness about how she was supposed to call before coming over, and I tried to cover myself, but she just giggled and sat at the end of my lounge chair.

She said 'so is this how you work on your tan and get rid of your tension?'. I didn't really know what to say, and stammered some more, but she put her hand on my knee and said 'lets see if this makes you more comfortable'. She then proceeded to take off her top-she was not wearing a bra-and undid the catch of her skirt. She stood up, and the skirt fell away revealing the fact whe was not wearing panties either, and that she had a beautifully shaved pussy that was already glistening with wetness.

I was so shocked since I first saw her standing in front of me, that I had stopped stroking. She looked down at my still rock hard and very pre-cum soaked cock, and said 'keep going, and we can cum together'. Wow. I didn't need any more encouragement. As I started to slowly stroke again(because if it wasn't slowly, I would cum after one or two strokes), she straddled the end of the lounge chair and began to circle her clit with her fingers. I could see that she was very wet, and her juices were flowing down her slit and leaving a damp spot on the chaise. By this point I was beyond ready to cum, and I told her as much. She smiled and a bit breathlessly said 'cum for me...', then leaned down so that her face was only about five inches from my throbbing, leaking, hardon, all the while rubbing her clit and moving two of her fingers faster and faster in and out of her drenched pussy. My orgasm exploded from within without much of a warning, and with incredible intensity. The only clue she got was an obvious tensing of my body, and a gasp of breath, and then I shot a huge load of creamy white cum all over her face and chest. She looked into my eyes, smiled and then also gasped, grabbed my leg with her un-occupied hand, and rocked backwards on the chaise shuddering with pleasure as she came with a gushing flood of wetness over her hand and onto the lounge chair.

We sat there in the sun for a few moments catching our breath, and then without a word or cleaning up, she got up, put on her blouse, pulled on her skirt, and walked off the deck and around the house to the street. I heard her car start (I never did hear it arrive...), and I was left there with her cum and my own all over me, the chaise, and the deck.

I saw her the following afternoon at the grocery store, and asked her if she was on her lunch break and if she had any plans (hint hint!)She gave me a wry grin and said that she had to be back at the office that day, but I should please give her a call the next time I was in the mood to have 'lunch' on the deck again.

I plan on making that call tomorrow, and the next day, and the next...



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