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My 'Baby' Was Working at Home

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Just about a week or so ago, my boyfriend (my pet name for him is Baby) was working in his office at home on some of his buisness paperwork. I walked into his office telling him that I was going to take a little nap and if he wanted to, he could join me. And before I left the office, I told him that I was going to take a nap with no panties on. I was hoping this would coax him into the bedroom, and away from some of his paperwork. I figured he could use a little bit of a break.
I walked into the bedroom and slip my panties off and slid into bed. As I am laying in bed, I can hear him in his office rustling some papers around. Then I hear him get on the phone and call someone regarding work. I'm laying there thinking, Damn! He is too busy to come in here and take care of my needs right now. So I just curled up in bed and tried to sleep. Well, I could not sleep. I just lay there thinking about how bad I wished he wasn't on the phone so he could be in bed with me, softly playing with my tits and rubbing my skin with his big masculine hands. As I was laying there thinking about him touching me, I figured what the heck, I will pleasure myself since he is too busy to do it for me. With the hopes that he would walk into our bedroom while I was in the midst of my self manual pleasure so he could join in with me. So I started to twist my nipples softly just like my 'Baby' does. Then imagining him putting one of my hard nipples into his warm, moist mouth. I bend my head down and push one of my nipples up to my mouth, circling it with my tongue. I then put one of my fingers ever so lightly on my clit and rub, all while listening to him on the phone. I start to pinch my nipple, which is now wet from my tongue teasing it. Little by little I pinch and twist it harder and harder. As I am doing that, I am still rubbing my clit and every so often slipping my finger to the rim of my hole to get my finger wet for easier rubbing on my clit. As I pinch harder on my nipple, I rub faster with more pressure on my clit. I then turn over onto my belly and push my butt up into the air a little and slip my hand through my legs, which are spread wide open to get to my clit again. I hear by boyfriend walk out the front door while talking on the phone. And I think here is my chance to make my noises. So I grab my nipple again and insert two fingers into my now very wet hole. I just start ramming and ramming as hard and as fast as I can and pinch my nipples harder with each ram I give to myself. I clench my teeth and start moaning. I take my fingers out and very hard and very rapid I stroke my clit until it feels as if it is burning. I then put my thumb on my clit and moved my two fingers back to my hole to continue ramming myself. Then I felt the great sensation of an orgasam coming. I moan a little louder and whisper, I'm cumming. After I orgasm, all my muscles went limp, and I just laid there. I eventually fell asleep. I woke up about a half hour later. My 'Baby' was back in his office working on his computer. I walked into the office, gave him a big hug, and he asked me how my nap was. I smiled to myself and told him it was good, but I had a hard time falling to sleep.



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