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My Baby Sitter and Her Boyfriend

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When I was twelve my parents left me at home for two days with a 17 year old girl named Cathy. She was a daughter of one of my mom's friends.

Cathy was very pretty and I did not mind her being there at all. In fact it was a real treat because I found it easy to talk to her because girls my own age scared me so much!

The first day Cathy decided to go for a swim in our pool but said that she forgot her suit so she started to look for one of my mom's, but in only a few minutes she came out of my parents room giggling about how there was no way she could wear one of her suit's cause it would just fall off anyway! Being the bright and horny boy that I was I recommended that she just wear her underwear

After all what's the difference! Within minutes we were in the pool playing games like who could hold their breath the longest. Little did she know that when I was under water I spent the whole time looking at her what was now see through panties and bra! I could clearly see her large nipples and her puffy lips with the slit in the middle.(I knew nothing of vagina's at the time)

She said 'lets get out of the pool and dry off in the sun then we will go inside and make some lunch.' At that point I started to stammer something about not being able to get out cause I dont feel good. Cathy began to get concernd and ordered me out of the pool. She said 'you are not going to drown on my watch!' As embarrassed as I was I got out of the pool with the biggest boner that I think I ever had. Cathy just looked at it for a minute and said not to be embarrassed, that it was perfectly normal for a boy my age and that it would go away. As we lay there on the deck she would talk to me about school and do I have a girl friend and stuff all the while she would look at my shorts and by now the head was sticking out of the top of the waist band past my belly button.

At that point she got brave and just asked me if I masturbate? I shyly said that I did not really know how though I had heard about it. Cathy took me by the hand and led me into the house and told me she would teach me how, and that it would help my boner become soft again. As we sat there on the sofa she explained how girls and boys masturbate and that it is good for you and feels so good! Next thing I was on my back with my shorts down and she had her hand around my penis pumping the skin up and down giving me feelings I never had before! She explained that very soon I would shoot white stuff out of the end and not to worry 'it's not pee, just let it happen' She kept her hand busy and was telling me nice things like how big I was and how she could barely get her hand around it and how the girls were gonna like me!

Then all of sudden I thought I was dying as my first orgasm shot through me and I shot rope after rope of the white stuff. She just kept pumping it up and down saying she had never seen so much! Cathy got up to get a wash cloth to clean me up and when she got back she cleaned me up and said 'oh my god you are still hard, we are just gonna have to do it again!' This time she had me get on my hands and knee's as she got behind me and reached between my legs pulling my boner straight down she began to jerk me off again (like milking a cow) only this time she took her other hand and used her finger to put in my bum nice and slow until she reached my prostate(I did'nt know it then)after a minute I came just as hard as the last time! What a awesome start to masturbating. Later that evening she gave me an anatomy lesson in girls and showed me how to masterbate her! I have been in love with girls ever since! Thanks Cathy!



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