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My Awful Reaction

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The strangest thing happened to me recently and I thought I would share it with a bunch of total strangers and maybe get a few serious comments, so here it is... My husband and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary recently by going on a cruise. On the third night of the cruise it was dress up night for dinner. People wore tuxedos, dark suits, beautiful dresses and cocktail dresses. After dinner my husband and I went to the ship's bar and dance area to listen to the band. The area had two floor levels with the second level about a foot or so higher than the first level. The two areas were separated by a low decorative wall with an opening. Tom and I sat at a table right next to the wall on the second level. There was a table immediately below us on the first level. We would be looking down on anyone who sat at that table. In a few minutes a man and woman sat at that table with a young girl. The girl wore a beautiful dress and I could surmise that she was not quite out of puberty. Two bumps for breasts but not very large. She was very pretty. The girl sat immediately below me and I happened to glance down and discovered that I was able to see down the front of her dress. She wore a bra under her dress but both the dress and the bra were away from her breasts. It appeared that the dress just might have been a size to big for her, expecially at the top. I immediately turned my attention back to my husband and took a sip of my drink. For whatever reason, I looked discretely back down at the young girl. She was now leaning slightly forward while talking to her mom and I was able to clearly see the top of both tits and her nipples. Her tits were rather small but she had the puffy areolas and fat nipples of someone going through puberty. She was so close that if I had wanted I could have reached down and touched them. My husband was busy looking around the dance floor and never noticed my interest in what I saw below me. I glanced at the girls parents and they obviously were not aware of my looking at their daughter. I couldn't take my eyes off her nipples and I sensed myself getting somewhat aroused. I continued looking down her dress and exciting myself for probably the next half hour. At one point Tom got up to use the men's room and had to walk behind the girl. When he got back to our table he whispered to me that he could see down the girl's dress and see the girls nipples. Of course I acted totally surprised and looked down as though this was the first time I was looking down at the girl. She had now leaned forward even more and her dress was out from her nipples by at least a couple of inches. With the subdued lighting and soft dance music her two tits looked extremely erotic to me and I began to be concerned that my panties might be getting wet. I went into the ladies room to check. sure enough, there was a small dark blotch at the crotch and I made sure it didn't start to mark the back of my cocktail dress. I then told Tom that I had a slight headache and was going back to the room. I took a final look at the girls nipples and left. In the cabin I quickly removed my dress and climbed under the sheets and masturbated thinking about that girls tits. I hadn't masturbated in probably the last fifteen years. Shortly after my orgasm Tom returned. He wanted to have sex but I told him let's wait until tomorrow. I am not happy with myself for the thoughts I had while looking at that young girl's chest. Actually, I not happy with myself for even continuing to look down her dress. The fact that I was totally aroused is very upsetting to me. I was actually dying to reach down and squeeze each of those thick light brown nipples. I imagined what it would be like to have one in my mouth. I even wondered if she had hair around her pussy. I have never had any type of sexual feelings for a woman in my life but I was just so turned on by that girl. I hope this never happens to me again. What the hell was I thinking??



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