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My Awesome Cousin: (Part 4)

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I left off my last story with my cousin, my best friend Phil and I in my bathroom full of steam. My cousin was still rubbing the massager on her pussy and I had just squirted a few drops of cum on my cousins leg. Phil was sitting at the toilet rubbing his balls in his pre cum. My cousin got the shaving cream and my electric razor. She asked, 'Have you ever shaved your balls?' I said that I had never thought of it. I sat down on the floor with my legs spread and she rubbed the shaving cream all over my pubes and scrotum. She turned on the razor and started shaving the hair above my cock. The vibrations felt so nice that my cock started to get hard and as she finished the hair above my cock she moved down to my balls. It felt so nice and my cock head was turning purple I was so hard and leaking a ton of pre cum. She turned the razor off and said, 'Now you shave me.' I took the cream and rubbed her whole pussy with it. I shaved her brown hair and then we asked Phil if he wanted to be shaved.

He had a huge bush of hair and he said sure. I spread the cream all over his cock and balls and my cousin took the razor and turned it on. She shaved all his hair off and he felt it and said how smooth it was. We jumped in the shower after I turned it down to get all the hair off. We all shared the soap and when my cousin got it she rubbed it all over her pussy and inserted it for a second then rubbed it all over me. We were all clean and Phil asked my cousin, 'Could you jack me off?' My cousin got down on her knees and grabbed both our cocks in each hand and started to stroke us. She pointed our cocks straight up while stroking us and she moved her face closer to our scrotums so as she jacked us our smooth scrotums rubbed on her face. She bent our cocks down towards her face and rubbed our heads on her cheacks. The sensations were amazing. We both said we were going to cum so she rubbed our heads together to an amazing orgasm. We got out and dried each other off and went into my room.

We didn't even bother to put clothes on since it was so hot and we were so horny. We were up all night hanging out in my room naked. About ten hours later it was around one in the morning and I started to get hard again. Phil started to feel my balls and it felt so good. The very sensitive skin was exposed now that their was no hair to cover it. As Phil massaged my balls my cousin knelt in front of us and started to jack me off. I grabbed Phil's cock and started to jack him. Our cocks were both pointed at my cousins face and we both cummed at the same time and squirted our hot white cum all over my cousins face and squirted in her mouth. As my cousin licked the cum off her face and rubbed some on her tits and all over her. She used a lot to lube up her brush handle and thrust it into her ass and squeezed her clit. I laid Phil on his back and knelt over his cock so my cock was above his and started to jerk off. It took a while and when I did I cummed all over his thighs and scrotum. I started to lick his thighs which turned him on and he got another erection. I rubbed his cum covered scrotum on my face and licked it clean.

I went over to my cousin who was still thrusting her comb into her ass. Our cum she used as lube was dripping out of her ass and I licked it all up and then started to finger her pussy with two fingers. Her pussy was dripping and I positioned my mouth underneath her pussy so it would drip into my mouth. As she reached climax I pushed another finger in and thrusted harder. She moaned louder and louder, and finally let out a yell as she came to a powerfull orgasm and squirted to juices into my mouth.

We all got into bed and my cousin was in between us. We fell asleep in the nude and when we woke up I had a nocturnal emission and I had squirted a huge load of cum all over my cousins chest. I started to lick it off her while she slept, or so I thought. As I licked the last bit off I realised she was rubbing her clit with her finger and inserting her others.

The next day when Phil woke up was full of more fun, but right now I have to blow my load.



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