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My Awesome Cousin: Part 3

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It was a really hot day where we live so my cousin and I were outside playing with the hose and my mom was upstairs in her room taking a nap before she had to go to work. She had at first wanted us to have a babysitter but we both thought that we were old enough and responible enough to be left alone for one night. So me and my cousin were playing with the hose in our bathing suits when she says, 'Hand me the hose, I have a really good idea.' I wasn't sure at first but I gave her the hose and she walked to the other side of my patio so my neighboors couldn't see us and she sat down and spread her legs. She moved her bikini away and pulled out her panties and stuffed them in my shorts with a smile and stuck the end of the hose in her pussy and and started to thrust it in and out. She said in between deep breathes, 'This is amazing!!' and she closed her legs around the hose and started to thrust harder and faster and she orgasmed and laid limp with the hose on full still in her pussy. The water mixed with her juices was all over the ground making a big mud puddle.

She got to her knees and said, 'Let's wrestle.' And before I could say anything she pounced on me and we were rolling around in the mud. About five minutes later my mom called from her bedroom window that they were haveing an emergency at the hospital and she needed to go in an hour early and that dad would be out later to since he's a surgeon. So when she drove off my cousin dragged me inside and into the shower. We washed each other and played with each other. When we were done we both dried each other off. We hopped on my bed and she looked over at me and said she was curious to know what it was like to jack off. She laid on her back on my stomach with my cock sticking up between her legs and she started to stroke me. I tell her I'm about to cum and she grips tighter and strokes harder. When I came I squirted all over her thighs and her lower stomach and pubes. She said it felt weird to pretend she had a cock and to jack off. I get out from underneath her and started to lick her inner thighs where my cum was and lick her pubes and stomach.

When the doorbell unexpectedly rang we both jumped and rushed to find clothes. I threw on a pair of boxers and my cousin put on her panties and bra. And before I left to get the door she whistled and she was holding her panties and she thrusted them inside her. I smiled and went downstairs and opened the door. I didn't have to worry about what I was wearing since I often hang out in my house with family friends and my friends in boxers. So when I get to the door I open it and it's by best friend Phil. I invite him in and he asked what I've been up to and I respond with, 'Nothing, just playing in the backyard with my cousin and wrestling in the mud with her.' His jaw dropped and he asked, 'The brunette one? She's hot!!' I laughed and led him upstairs. I told him we have been hangin out in our underwear since it's so hot and he was just amazed and excited I guess since he seems to like my cousin.

When we got upstairs my cousin was laying on my bed watching TV and when she saw Phil she jumped off the bed and gave him a hug. So my cousin and I laid on my bed and Phil sat in a chair next to me near the bed. He was sweating and I told him that if he wanted to he could take his clothes off down his boxers and he agreed but when he sat back down I could tell he was trying to hide his erection so I said, 'You don't need to hide it, no one's going to make fun of you.' And I showed him that I had a tent in my boxers. So he relaxed and let it tent in his boxers. We watched some more TV for about an hour when I realized Phil was stroking his cock from outside his boxers and looking at my cousin. I asked him if he wanted some help and my cousin got up and said she would show her breasts and maybe her pussy. Phil immediately had his boxers off and his 5 inch cock sprung out and was wet with precum. My cousin stood in front of him and took her bra and panties off. She started to pinch her nipples and squeeze her clit while I grabbed Phil's nice rock hard cock and started to stroke using his precum as lube. It wasn't long before he was squirming in the chair and precum was running down his shaft and onto the chair making a small puddle. I reached over with my free hand and slipped my cousins panties out of her pussy and that was enough for Phil, he squirted a white creamy load of hot cum into her panties and my cousin stopped masterbating and took her cum filled panties and rubbed them on her breasts and face and said for Phil to lick her clean.

And as he licked his sticky cum off I used the precum in the chair and on my hand and started to stroke myself. Phil said he wanted to return the favor and he grabbed my cock and started to stroke me hard and fast. With all the precum covering my cock it was making a loud squishing noise and when I was about to cum Phil started to stroke me with the panties and I cummed in them and he milked me dry of my last drop. He wanted to eat it but I said that might not be a good idea so he let me eat it. We all laid on my bed for at least a few hours to regain our energy. We were all naked and our cocks were glistening with sweat and wet precum. When we all gained our strength we all got up and my cousin got on her hands and knees and Phil thought she wanted one of us to stick our cocks in her ass and I said no and I started to jack off on her ass. Phil followed and we both came at the same time, squirting what cum we had left on her ass and ass hole. We both had the same idea to lick the cum off and as we got closer and closer to her ass hole and ended up kissing. My cousin sat down facing us as we kissed and she fingered herself with her comb handle. Phil and I swapped the sperm in our mouths and he dripped it out onto my body and rubbed me with it. He rolled me over and started to massage my ass with his lubed hands and as he massaged he stuck two fingers in my ass and started to stroke his now throbbing cock with his other hand. He pounded himself off to another orgasm and my cousin was still thrusting the comb handle into her pussy as she watched us.

Phil stopped fingering me and I said let go into the bathroom. I closed the door and and turned the shower on the highest and hottest. We let the bathroom steam up and we were already really sweaty so we were all dripping wet in minutes. I found an electronic vibrating back massager in the cabinet underneath the sink and it was mine so I didn't care if we used it. I turned it on and it was so powerfull I loved it. I put it on my cock and balls and then walked over to my cousin who was laying on the floor with her eyes closed resting. I rubbed it over her pussy and she kepped her eyes closed but smiled and moved closed and pressed up against it. She hadn't orgasmed since that morning with the hose so her pussy was looking for release. The hand was vibrating as much as the head and I had another erection so I lubed up the handle and stuck it into my ass and started stroking again. My cousin pressed her drenched and running pussy against the head and and started to rotate her hips. She started breathing heavy and moaning and she came so hard that she pulled the handle out of my ass sending me over the edge and pressed it against her pussy and closed her legs around it humping it. She relaxed but still had the massager against her pussy.

After that we all got into the shower. But that's another story for another time. Right now I need to go jack off.



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