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My Awakening - That One Hot Night

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Although this happened many years ago, back when I was younger, I still recall it vividly as though it was last night.


I remember it was a very hot, humid night in the middle of midwestern summer, and unfortunately our air conditioner had broken a couple hours before my bedtime. I was still a young girl, pure, tender and innocent. I was also very annoyed. I was an only child in a nice, comfy house and I wasn't used to going to bed in such discomfort. However, no amount of my spoiled, childish pouting brought the air conditioning back on, so after storming off to my bedroom and undressing for the night, I put on a nightie, opened my window for some breeze (which never came) and resigned myself to bed in exasperation. Now, on my queen-sized bed was both a comforter and a thin sheet, but it was far too hot for the comforter, so after slipping under the covers, I made sure to pull the blanket down to my legs so that only the sheet covered my little body. Unfortunately, it did little. Within minutes, I felt a sheen of sweat covering my body, and my damp hair started to become matted to my head and neck. I tossed and turned for what felt like hours before dozing off into a restless sleep.

It was still the middle of the night, when I suddenly drifted out of unconsciousness and became aware of a very intense and confusing sensation between my legs. I lay in bed, panting, but not just because of the uncomfortable heat and humidity. And I felt some strange, unfamiliar hunger, like an itch that was in desperate need of scratching. I felt a dull throbbing between my legs, where I discovered my blanket, which I had pulled down earlier after getting into bed, had been gathered and bunched up in my sleep. When I sat up to untangle myself from the blanket, it rubbed through my thin, silk panties against my aching clit. Things were just never the same after that; it felt HEAVENLY.

Startled by the jolt of pleasure, I could not help but let out a soft whimper of surprise and delight. As I sat in bed, panting, my mind scrambled to make sense of the feeling. My body was developing. I had received the sex-talk from my parents, and heard it all in class. I had heard about sex other places, and I understood from all of these conversations that sex was fun, but never in my wildest imagination had it occurred to me that one could enjoy these feelings alone. In hindsight, it made a lot of sense, but I guess at that age I had just not really given it all that much thought. None of my friends had talked about masturbation before, and as I realized in the days that followed, I was actually the first of my friends to discover it.

More than anything, I just wanted that feeling again, so I ground my hips forward and then back again. That time, I was ready for the sensation, but it was still pleasurable enough to illicit a gasp from my gaping, smiling mouth.

And with that, it was off to the races.

Leaning on my tightly-gripped fists for stability, I ground my hips back and forth and in circles at a frantic, deliberate pace, gasping and sighing as I revelled in the indescribable, new-found pleasure coursing through my body. God, it felt so good. With each motion, the feelings increased, so that I knew this was building towards something, but what exactly, I did not know. I was totally unprepared for what followed. As I continued my desperate humping, the gasps and sighs filling my room eventually gave way to a quiet, urgent moaning.

'Ohhhh... oooohhhhhhh...'

I tried my best to remain silent so as not to run the risk of waking my parents, but I was mostly unconcerned as their room was on the opposite end of the house. I was simply too wrapped up in the moment, anyway.

'Oh, my... Oh my goodness...'

Something was happening. It had been getting better and better, but now it was building at an expotential rate, far more rapidly than before. My young body responded in kind, bucking and grinding faster and more wildly than before. Then, the inevitable began.

'Oh God, oh God, oh God!'

I felt a highly concentrated, intense surge of pleasure building in the pit of my stomach, near what felt like my bladder. It caused my small thighs and little butt to tighten, my calves to flex, and my tiny toes to curl. I could feel my body beginning to freeze, so I held on tight, sucked in one last sharp, deep gasp of air and gave two or three final hard, jerky thrusts into the bunched-up comforter. I could feel my face scrunch up as my eyes rolled back into my head, which whipped backwards as the unbelievable surge of pleasure exploded and rolled through every tensed limb of my body like a tidal wave. A primal grunt, a sound the likes of which I had never made and probably didn't even know I was capable of making, was forced from deep within my stomach out my mouth, which hung half-open. I was shocked. I was confused. I was overjoyed. I was relieved.

And I was hooked.

I fell forward and moaned in the afterglow of my first climax, gasping desperately to oxygenate my muscles, which now felt like jell-o. My entire body was thoroughly soaked with sweat, and certainly other fluids, as my panties and nightie adhered to me. I promptly peeled them off and then laid back in bed over the covers, still breathing deeply. My eyes were misty with tears, both from my recent bodily overexertion, and from the powerful emotions I was feeling. Never before then had I felt more like a woman than that very moment, which was the beginning of something incredible. It was truly empowering. I had to giggle thinking about the sounds I made, hoping that my parents didn't hear. I suspect they did, but if so they never approached me about it.

I was obviously very excited about this discovery, so after I regained my composure, I saddled up again and rode my blanket to another delightful orgasm, this time slowly. I took my time, sensuously rubbing my small, exposed, budding breasts, paying attention to the sensations of friction between the blanket and my clit, tiny pussy lips and thin pubic hair, and enjoying every pleasure-drenched second of it. In the days and weeks that followed, I made it my hobby and experimented, doing it in every room of the house, in every possible way I could imagine. I told my friends about it, and we shared much discussion eventually (and even more than just discussion with some). To this day I must admit, though I've had some fantastic cums from sex with both men and women, and masturbating in a variety of ways, sometimes all I need to do is have a good hump, like that first time.

And, you know what? I eventually DID manage to get a good, deep sleep that night!



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