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My Awakening

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This is how it happened. Take it or leave it.


From the moment my breasts started to develop, I started feeling horny. Oh yes, I knew it was 'horny' and nothing like 'growing up' or anything else. I used to have these sensations between my legs that just begged for attention. I had mental images, suddent desires that would flame through my mind. For example, I would suddenly want to sit with my legs apart and hope someone would look up my skirt. I would deliberately make sure my panties were pulled up too tight so a pussy lip was visible and sometimes I would go to school with no panties on at all and STILL flash myself. I hadn't, at that time, actualy tried to masturbate. To this day, I don't know why.

Then, one day, I was late for school and as a 'punishment' the teacher of my first lesson that day, (PE) woulnd't let me do the lesson. Little did she know, I hated PE. So I put on an act of being terribly disappointed and sat in the locker room as the other girls trooped out for yet another hour in the pouring rain and freezing cold. After about 10 mins or so I started to explore a little. (And yes, I did look through some of the other girl's stuff and yes, I did take the occasional smell of panties, just to see if they got as wet as I did.) But then I went out and walked face to face into a boy who, like me, was off PE that morning.

His name was Mike and he was kinda cute. I dared him to come into the girls locker room and assured him there was no one else there. He was like a kid in a candy store. I showed him the little trainer bras and panties and even showed him a couple of thongs. (Although we were not allowed to wear them to school, a lot of girls did. After all, who was gonna stop them?) I could clearly see his hard on too. When I put a pair of particularly damp panties in his hand, I could see a wet spot. That's when I touched him. In a few seconds, I had his cock out and somehow, I just knew what to do. In a few seconds he started to breathe heavy and suddenly he was cumming. I took the panties he had been smelling and made him cum in them. (Their owner was a total bitch and I couldn't wait for her to put them on after PE. Full of boys cum.)

Then it was my turn. I loved the sight and smell of his cum and I was real horny. He put his hand in my panties and found my clit. I came for the first time in my life right there and then. It was mind blowing. (I think I peed too.) He left the room and again, my mind took over. I took the panties he had cum in and licked his cum off them, well some of it anyway. Then the other girls were piling back in and heading for the showers. I saw the girl in question (Jessica) drop her towel, (she LOVED showing off that she was more developed than the rest of us) and picked up her panties. She didn't even look at them until she pulled them on. Then she hastily looked in the crotch, pulled a face and pulled them back up. My own pussy twitched as I thought that she had sperm against her for the first time ever. (OK, I know now she may have gotten pregnant for that, but I didn't care at the time)

So now, at the ripe old age of 19, I am an avid masturbator. I rub myself off a lot, at least once a day and often two or three times. I have had experiences with girls as well as guys and have no real preference. Whatever fits what I need at the time. But what I love more than anything is masturbating where someone will see me. Railway embankments, in the car, in car parks, in public parks, anywhere. And I love above all when someone sees me and starts touching themselves. (Last Sunday, a neighbor saw me doing myself in the garden and did herself too). Lovely. Whatever feels good. Fuck the guilt, go for it.



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