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My Aunt's Wedding Ring

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I'm surprised there is not a lot of info about this fetish on the web.


I have been turned on by a womans wedding ring since I was a child. No matter what the lady looks like or how old she is, one glance at her wedding ring can get me oozing pre-cum in no time. The wide shiny plain gold rings are my favorite. If she's wearing an engagement ring, that makes it even better. I'll go home and visualise the sexy lady stroking my cock with her left hand, pressing her ring into the flesh of my pulsating cock. She then holds up the back of her left hand and I take careful aim and bury her wedding ring under a huge load of my cum. She then licks her rings clean.

My aunt has always been real sexy and has a great set of boobs and a knock out figure. Her wedding ring is the wide plain gold classic variety. It always seems to catch light from all over the room. Its the only ring she ever wears and I hardly ever see her without it. I remember a time when she rubbed sun screen on my back and I felt her ring rubbing against my shoulder. I swear I almost came in my bathing suit.

One time a few years back my aunt called and asked if I would babysit for my cousins. I figured why not? I met her and my uncle at the door and they left the usual instructions, and glanced down at her left hand and then it hit me, she wasn't wearing her wedding ring! I immediately got butterflies in my stomach. I was praying she'd walk out the door before noticing she was missing it. Then she said she forgot something and would be right back. There goes my chance I thought. She came down the stairs with her tickets for the show she was seeing, gave me a kiss and headed out for the night. I already had a semi and was oozing a lot of pre-cum by the time she left. I told my young cousins that I didn't feel like fun and games and that they would have to go to bed early. It was torture for two hours until they went to bed before I could look for my aunts wedding ring.

I finally made sure the kids were asleep when I entered my aunt and uncles bedroom. It wasn't lying on her dresser in plain view or she would have slipped it on earlier. I opened the top drawer of her dresser and discovered a tiny black felt box, I opened it and nearly got light headed. There inside was her beautiful wedding ring. I had waited for this day forever. The day I could masturbate and cum all over my aunt's wedding ring.

I thought about how many time she stroked my uncle's cock wearing it and the number of times his cum got stuck to it. Her marriage was having problems for a while and I always wondered if the lucky guy she was having an affair with ever got turned on by it, or if he made her hold her hand out to shoot his load on her ring.

I shoved the ring in my pocket and and walked into the bathroom butterflies and all. I unzipped my fly, pulled my semi erect cock out and touched the ring with it. In about ten seconds flat I had the hardest cock I ever had in my whole life. It actually hurt and the piss hole was spread out wide enough to see in a little. I stroked my cock real slow and slapped the ring with it a dozen times or so. I then lay flat on my back and poised the ring right on the very tip of my rock hard cock balancing it there for a few seconds imagining my aunt giving my wedding ring a hand job. I stood up and the pre-cum drooled in a shiny clear string which I caught with the ring. A few more strokes and the head of my cock expanded I shuddered and aimed at the wedding ring I was holding in the palm of my hand. It was hard to even aim in front, much less down, because up to this point I had never been this turned on in my entire life let alone this hard. I stroked two more times and shot the longest rope of cum in my life, a good three feet at least. Then I shot six more smaller ropes of thick creamy white cum all over my aunt's shiny wedding ring. It was completely covered with my milk. It was no longer shiny but but had an opaque look when wearing it's new coat of my cum. I pictured what my aunt would say if she was wearing her ring while I came on it. I was hoping she would lick it off and tell me how much better my cum tastes than my uncles. I began to wipe up all the cum even the first shot that deflected off the ring with such force it hit the bathroom wall. After that I cleaned her ring thoroughly so it looked the same as it did in the felt ring box.

I put it back in my pocket and went down to unwind with some tv. When I turned it on it was on a shopping channel. There was a female host who was modelling rings on her left hand and I could make out what looked like a wedding ring. Sure enough they zoomed in and there it was, a white gold wedding and an engagement ring. I started to get hard all over again so I went back to the bathroom and jerked my cock with the ring for another minute or so before I shot three clear smaller streams followed by some droplets on the ring.

I managed to cum three more times that night all over the ring so I was pretty much tapped out by this time, so I reluctantly put back the ring in it's box, after a little cleaning and polishing from yours truly.

A few weeks later I saw my aunt again and she was wearing her wedding ring like she almost always does. To this day I wonder if she left it there on purpose, because she caught me staring at it a few times before, and just gave me a devilish smile.

I also gave some thought about forcing the head of my cock through her wedding ring and wearing it even though it would be an extremely tight but erotic fit. But that's another story.



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