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My Aunt Jean

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She only thinks of her own orgasm.


About three weeks ago this whole thing started. The whole family was at Aunt Jean's. When I went up to the bathroom, on my way I looked in Aunt Jeans room and saw a pile of laundry in a basket next to her bed.

I was enjoying a pair of dark blue panties ready to take them to the bathroom and have fun with them when I looked up and there was Aunt Jean. I didn't know what to say or do. She smiled at me with a sly look, saying lets keep this between us. Although I want you to come and see me tomorrow morning. Let's make it about 10 AM. Then she just walked out and said nothing else.

As instructed I went to see my aunt the next day. She answered the door in her nightgown. Again nothing sexy just a white nylon nightgown. I could see she did not have a bra on, her large tits just sagged in her nightgown. She was also wearing a pair of white panties I could see through the thin nightgown. They were the same type I got caught with the day before,' Big'.

She said sit down. She came right to the point. 'So you find my panties fun to play with'!! Have you ever been with a real woman? I answered only my girlfriend. Who is 21 (one year younger than me.)

She had that sly smile once again and with little words took my hand and said come with me. We went up to her bedroom. The bed was undone from the night before.

She said undress!!!,and she began to remove her nightgown. She stood next to the bed with only her panties. Her tits were so big. They just sagged. Almost down to her bellybutton. Her nipples were the size of half dollars. Looking at her I saw a mound of pubic hair. Some was sticking out her panties. They were thick and dark. She just said Bill take them down. Go ahead damn it take them down. Take off my panties. Standing there nude I could see her belly hang down. Some how this got me going even more than a thin woman.

She then got into bed and said. I need a little fun. She took full control. Telling me to suck her tits, Then run my hand all across her her big ass. I went to touch her pussy. She said not yet. I tell you when. Keep squeezing my ass. Don't stop I am beginning to get wet. Then we tongue kissed for the first time.

She then instructed me to put one then two fingers up her hairy pussy. Taking my thumb and putting it on her large clit. Even telling me higher, lower. Not so fast Etc. Then without any warning she shouted your making me cum, OH shit here I cum, Don't stop, don't stop. Her big fat legs began to shake as her fat ass lifted off the bed. With a long sigh ohhhhhh yes. Her big fat ass slowly went back down on the bed. She just stayed there not moving recovering from her orgasm.

Now thinking it was my turn. She told me jerk off. Let me see you have fun with my panties. Telling her I want you to do it to me. No not today she replied. Jerk-off for me. So I did as instructed. In a short time I said oh Aunt Jean here I cum, I am cumming. I then rolled on my side and shot the biggest load of my life all over my aunt. Most of it landing on her big belly and some on her pussy. She reached over and took a tissue from the night stand. Telling me to clean up my mess, and do a good job on my pussy.

She then got out of bed and picked up her robe. I said no robe. I want to watch you walk out the room. I want you naked. She laughed and said do you also want to watch me pee? You can if you want. As we both went to the bathroom, she put her large ass down on the toilet, as a yellow stream of piss came out of her. She then handed me the paper saying now wipe my pussy and do a good job.

It was now getting late and I had to go and so did she. She kissed me and said thank you for everything. 'I do expect you here next Monday morning at the same time.' I asked her if next week she would jerk me or will I have to do it myself again? All she said was we will see what next week brings. Just be here and on time.

Well we are now getting ready for our third time together. She still won't play with my cock. Although she expects me to give her what she wants. I do enjoy this and do not want to stop, but get frustrated with having to take care of myself each week. I could do that alone. Anyone have any ideas how to make her take care of me. Any and all comments welcome.



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