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My Aunt is cool

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My aunt B is so cool. She's 10 years older than me & is the one I look up to the most. This is just a quick story of something I stumbled over that confirmed her coolness.


I was 23 at the time. I was well into my masturbating life by then. It was part of my daily rituals & still is today. I was staying for the week with my aunt. She lived in a split level home & the room I stayed in was on the upper floor while she had a basement room.

We'd had a great day at the beach sunning & walking up & down making guys stare. My aunt is like me & loves to show off her body. Even today she has the body of a 25 year old woman who works out hard. I think that's why I take care of myself so much. To be like her. She always told me "if you've got it, flaunt it girl" & she lives by that too.

We were back at her place & off to bed. I had already spent my self time masturbating as quietly as I could & for me that's not easy. I masturbated with fingers & finished off like most nights with a few orgasms from my vibe. I was in bed almost asleep when I heard a faint noise like a woman having an orgasm. That woke me up! I sat up & listened in bed, then I heard it again. I crept over to the heat register in the floor, I laid down & put my ear to the hole. I could hear sounds of a female which turned out to be my aunt & I also heard guys talking. I listened for what felt like an hour. I could hear my aunt moaning & talking, the guys talk then I heard orgasms & lots of them. All the while I was listening I thought I was hearing a porn movie. I was pretty sure the live orgasm sounds were from my aunt.

All the while I was listening I was massaging my clit & enjoying more orgasms. Once the noise was over I buzzed off a few more & went to sleep thinking about what I had just heard.

The next night it happened again then nothing the night after. Three days later my aunt had to go into work for a half day & left me sleeping. As soon as I heard her leave I got up & made my way to the basement to see if I could find what she was watching. It's not that I wanted to sit back & masturbate watching her porn, I was just so curious as to what it was she liked.

It didn't take me long to find it. She had normal dvd's & one small disc like the type you find in some camcorders. All that was written on top was "fun times" & nothing else. Hoping it was what I was hearing the nights before I dropped it in the player & pushed start. OMG! I knew she was cool but I had no idea she was that cool. The disc started right into the action. It was my aunt & 2 guys having sex. There she was on her hands & knees, one guy pumping her from behind & one thrusting his cock in & out of her mouth. I watched for a few minutes then the camera moved. There was one more guy running the camera! OMG again! They took turns screwing & she was sucking them. One guy licked her hard & she came real fast. I wasn't long before I knew there was no way I could go any longer without masturbating while I watched.

I slipped off my shorts & spread my legs then I masturbated while watching my aunt enjoying three cocks. One guys was average to small but he sure had a great body. The other two were pretty fit & one guy had a very large cock.

At one point my aunt was on her back with a vibe to her clit while the guys pumped her mouth & pussy then they'd change spots. I watched my aunts body rock with countless orgasms. Then she told the guys it was time. The guys stood in front of her then one by one she sucked their cocks & let them explode in her mouth. The first two guys got good sucks & I watched their bodies jerk with pleasure & orgasm while she sucked hard. When she took the cocks out of her mouth there was not a drop to be seen.

The big cocked guy was last to finish. She sucked him fast & hard. Her head moved so far back & forth along his huge shaft then he said he was going to cum. One of the other guys had the camera & zoomed in to catch the action. My aunt sucked him hard then when he was just ready to cum she pulled his cock out of her mouth & gave it slow long strokes with her hand. She opened her mouth & tilted her head back with her tongue out then I watched his huge cock squirt streams of cum on her tongue & into her open mouth. He groaned & she moaned then when he was done she closed her mouth & I could see her throat take a big gulp. She stroked his cock a few times & squeezed the end for one last drop then licked it off. They camera ran for a bit more but nothing good happened after that.

I shut it off & put things back where I found them. I went upstairs & masturbated until my clit was numb. The orgasms were over the top. I was more horny than I had been all week. My aunt was so cool! I wanted to be her in that movie. She had three good looking guys letting her have their cocks all at once. So cool!

I wanted to ask her about it that afternoon when she got home but there was no way I could. Later that night we were on the back deck sipping wine after dinner & I asked her if I could confide in her about a fantasy I had. I told her I had a fantasy to be with more than one guy at the same time. Soon she told me about her & two guys. She never said three! She told me her old boyfriend asked her about her fantasies & agreed to make it come true with his friend. From her description it was the guys with the huge cock. She mentioned his size was very large. I guess that's why he got the royal treatment at the end of the movie they made. She also told me to be careful & if I ever did live out my fantasy I need to make sure I knew who they were & about their background. She told me her guy knew the other guy they did it with. I guess he knew both guys very well.

That's all there is to the story about my cool aunt. I still masturbate while remembering what I saw on that video. It's OK that she's my aunt. I don't feel anything negative at all. She's married now & her husband is a great guy.

Soon I'll write more about my own masturbating life. I have lots to tell & more yet to live.

Happy masturbating to everybody reading. Have an orgasm for me too if you're masturbating right now.



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