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My Aunt and I

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This is the first of a few stories about my aunt and I


A couple of years ago my dads 40-year old brother married a beautiful 32 year old women who at the time I remember being incredibly attracted to, during a stay with them whilst I did some work at my uncles factory to pay for a car, because I didn't have a car I had to stay with them, whilst my uncle was at my grandmothers and my 19 year old cousin (from his previous wife) was staying at my house after they all had a fall out over her pregnancy.

After being dropped at their house by my uncle who went straight back to my grandmothers, after having worked since early in the morning I was naturally very tired and decided I would grab a shower something to eat and then just go to bed for an early night. After my shower I decided to go downstairs in just my boxer shorts to put something in the oven for dinner, under the impression that my aunt would not be finished at work till much later. After putting my dinner under I turned around to notice that my aunt was sitting in the dining room staring at me, feeling very embarrassed I apologised and quickly went to get dressed.

Coming downstairs I apologised again to which she replied, 'don't worry about it' smiling at me and walking in to the lounge, I noticed she was wearing pantyhose, which is something I am very attracted to. Following her in I asked how her day was and we had a general conversation. I decided to dig a little deeper as we were sitting on the couch, I asked how she was coping with my cousin and uncle and their current situation she replied that she was actually grateful about having a step grandchild as she was incapable of having a child of her own. I was slightly surprised by this as it was a topic In which she was always reluctant to discuss (understandably).

As she got a little more relaxed on the couch we had moved onto she stretched her leg out onto my lap, she was wearing sheer tan pantyhose and it was incredibly hard to keep myself from becoming.... Well, hard.... After talking a little more about personal stuff I decided to take a dive and ask if she loved my uncle to which she replied much to my surprise;

'After I was told I was incapable of having children, our relationship became very stressed. I love him but not as I once did, we are not, ya know.... Intimate anymore' this shocked me greatly, I wasn't expecting her to be as personal with me and I decided to attempt to change the subject before she said 'I guess it's my fault, after the doctors told me I lost my sex drive completely and when I was ready to be intimate again all this started and I have needs like any other woman'

I made the mistake of saying that I understood and she continued to talk about how she needed to be intimate again, knowing that this was going to end poorly if we carried on down this route I went to get my dinner, and after eating I rejoined her on the couch to which laid her legs down on my lap again and after a short while of watching tv I decided to place my hand on her leg and rub her thighs a little. She didn't move her legs so she wasn't wildly offended instead she turned the tv off and sat up saying that she was sorry that she got so open with me to which I told her that 'its okay, I'm here for you. If you need anything please just ask'

'Well, (insert my name here) I told you earlier that I had needs that your uncle wasn't fulfilling.. I want you to help me' not knowing if she was joking or not I quickly made an excuse to attempt to leave whilst walking up stairs to my room in their house she shouted 'by the way I could feel your hard on' feeling very embarrassed I ran into my room and locked the door. As I began to take my clothes off and stroke my very hard dick, I noticed something on my bed, a note saying 'for you' with a lipstick kiss on the note and on my bed was a pair of soiled panties left by my aunt.

To be continued.....



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