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My Aunt

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The summer was half over and I was a typical thirteen year old with raging hormones. I was visiting with my twelve year old cousin Danny and his mom in N.J. The visit was going very well and Danny and I were really enjoying the two weeks that I was staying. I had never masturbated before but I had experienced a number of 'events' when I felt the wonderful and hugely tingling feeling that comes from sliding down a swing pole in a neighborhood park. I had also started to masturbate a number of times but I stopped out of fear when I began to feel that sensation in the groin area and the pit of the stomach. Sometimes all I could think about was my penis and at other times I never gave the subject a single thought.
Well, one night Danny had taken his bath and was watching T.V. It was now my turn. I was enjoying the bath and sex or my 'thing' was the farthest thing from my mind. All of a sudden, Danny's mom enters the bathroom while I'm in the tub. Needless to say, I'm a bit embarrassed to have my aunt see my in the tub naked. I don't know what to do so I just sit in the tub waiting for her to leave. Aunt M proceeds to look in the medicine cabinet for I don't know what and all the while she is chatting with me. Meanwhile, my thing is proceeding to become quite erect and the more I focus on trying to will my penis to go limp the harder it is becoming. I can tell that aunt M sees this and this just makes the whole situation worse. By now my penis is so erect that the head is actually protruding out of the water in the tub. Aunt M finally suggests that I get out of the tub and get in to my jammies. I quickly get out and dry off as quickly as I possibly can to avoid further embarrassment. I proceed into the bedroom which I was sharing with my cousin and pull out my pajamas from the drawer. Just as I get into them my aunt M comes into the room and asks me if I am alright now. I remember responding with a very affirmative 'yes.' Now comes the really terrifying part for me as a thirteen year old. Aunt M says 'Let's see.' She then promptly pulls my pjs down and takes hold of my penis in her hand. By now I don't know whether to cry or what so I just stand there as my penis once again begins to rapidly engorge and become totally hard. Aunt M tells me to lie down on my back on the bed and says to me 'that needs to come down now.' for what seemed like at least a half hour aunt M slowly strokes my penis. After a while she begins to trace lines along the penis with her fingernail and every once in a while she inserts the tip of the nail into my hole. All the while she is telling me that my penis is much to hard and needs to 'come down.' Then all of a sudden she asks me if anything like this has ever been done to me before. I tell her no. She smiles and then proceeds to carefully put her finger into my anus while she continues to stroke my penis. I tell her I'm scared and maybe she should stop. Aunt M then takes her finger out of my rear and opens her blouse revealing her tits to me. She takes my shaking hand and places it on her breast and has me squeeze her nipple. Next she places one of her nipples into my mouth and tells me to suck softly, which I do. Finally she begins to massage my penis more firmly and more rapidly. All at once a tremendous physical sensation hits my stomach and my groin area and I actually thought I was going to explode. White stuff poured out of my penis and onto my stomach and legs. Aunt M cleaned me up and helped my back into my pajamas. She then says to me, 'you need to see what a woman is like now.' She lies down on the bed and pulls down her underwear exposing her shaven pussy. Aunt M guides my hand while I touch her and helps me put my finger into her. She then has my whole hand inside her and shows my how to pump in and out of her pussy. All the while she is pulling very hard on her nipples and making moaning sounds. Finally all this stops and I go out into the living room to join my cousin in watching TV. Nothing else happened during my visit and when my parents came to pick me up I heard them talking while having coffee. Aunt M told my mom that I learned about my self this week and about women. Mom smiled.
Two summers later I again visited with my cousin and this time I was able to show my aunt a few things but that's another story.



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