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My Alone Time

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Sometimes, you need to take time for yourself


My Alone Time

Apart from chatsturbating (my word for cybersex), which I do with some frequency, I always try to spend a little alone time, just me, myself, my body, and I. This is my time, and woe to the person who interrupts! My time is special to me. It allows me to relax, to empty my mind of the worries I have, and to drift away into whatever soothing place I want to be.

I start by taking a nice, long, hot bath. The water so hot it turns my skin a darkened pink. I put in whichever bath salt I'm in the mood for, a jasmine or honeysuckle most times. I've been known to nap for a few minutes in the tub, soaking away my worries and fears. I rise from the tub, and pat myself dry. Nothing is done to my hair, or face, or nails, that is for another time. I wrap the towel around me, letting it rub my nipples gently, I feel the warmth of the bath still, and the towel keeps me comfortably warm.

I stroll to my bed, and either put on some soft music, or turn on the TV, depending on my mood. I slip under the covers and relax some more. The bath has gotten me hot enough that I am now beginning to sweat just a bit. I get under the covers, so I don't chill when I cool down. I close my eyes, and meditate, or at least my version of it. I let the music wash over me.

Once my body has acclimatised to the temperature, I uncover. I reach to get my oil from beside the bed. I let drops drip on my upper body, and rub them into my tummy, my chest, my breasts. My nipples harden as I rub the oil into them. I rub oil into my tummy, and lower to my lower abdomen. I massage my front side, my sides, and back to my breasts, slowly moving my hands about to every spot, hovering on some, quickly passing over others.

I dribble more oil on my hands, and begin to rub it on my feet. I always start with my feet. I bend over and massage each foot; the balls, the middle, the heel. I work oil into my ankles, and up to my calves. A deeper massage for the calves, kneading each one. My knees, and then my thighs.

I oil each thigh, beginning at the sides, and working my way to the backs. I pull my legs up, and rub the backs of my thighs. I rub oil into them, and then up to my ass, oiling each side, and down the crack, rubbing my little pucker on each pass. Back around to the front of my thighs, and back down along the insides.

By now I am wet between my legs, but that will wait. I rub the insides of my thighs, pulling my hands up the sides of my inner thighs, not quite touching my special place. I shudder. I go back down, just so I can do that again. I spread my legs, and begin the upward journey again. I do this for maybe five to ten minutes, teasing myself by not touching the place that wants it the most. But then its time.

I brush the outer lips, a tickle my whole body seems to feel. And now, I can't wait. But I hold off. I turn onto my side, slide my knee forward onto the bed, and pet my outer lips from the back. It feels almost like someone else's hand. Just a touch on the outer lips. I lightly tickle my lips backwards, and up to my anus. Another tickle there, and back down. I can feel my juices beginning to boil. The excitement has me on edge. At each pass, I press a little harder, but not enough to enter.

I stop for a minute, and use one finger to massage my anus. I roll onto my tummy, and concentrate just there, feeling the sensations crawl along my body, reveling in the electricity coursing through me. I press in harder, just enough to make it flex. My pussy wets just a bit more. By now I'm wet enough to be seeping through my lips just a bit. But I'll wait. Just a minute more, I'll wait just a minute more.

I push up and back to my waiting lips. A single finger on each side, just that pressure moistens me more. I can feel my clit as I rub the fingers along the outside of my wetness. It jumps inside me, a slight throb beginning to assert itself. I avoid contact though. Back to my anus, and massage that a little more. A little more pressure, right there.

On my side now. I can't wait much longer. My knee slides forward onto the bed. My left hand concentrates in the rear, and my right begins the probing of my wetness. I am amazed at how wet I am, even though I should be used to it after 12 years. No effort at all brings my finger into the folds, caressing them slowly and gently. I remove my index finger, and replace it with my two middle fingers. I pull them forward slowly, so that each is on a side of my hood. I jerk involuntarily as my fingers pass close to my button. I stop, and then back down, finally back up with the middle finger, centering it on my clit.

I rub in circles a bit, and then up and down a bit. I can feel the electricity beginning to build. My left hand travels up into my sopping hole for a touch of she lube. I bring the supply back to the back door, and begin to massage my finger in. It pops in, and slides to the first knuckle. That's enough, just enough top feel the small gyrations as I begin the circular motions.

My clit engorges, and is prominent in the hood. I begin to rub the whole pussy, up and down, then round and round. Faster and faster, harder and harder. I press two fingers into my wet hole, and press the heel of my hand into my hyper excited clit. I match the rhythm of both hands now, beginning to finger fuck both holes, paying particular attention to my 'G' spot.

I'm in no hurry, but this time it won't wait. I feel the undulations of my soul, and the electric of my brain. I bury my finger into my ass, and speed recklessly inside my snatch. The first pulse hits, and my left hand pulls free. I flop on my back, and my hips rise up to meet my right hand. I can now feel my lube leaking onto my ass. I hold my breath, and begin to get light headed.

Then, POW!

I don't pass out, but the ecstasy of the moment takes me to another world, and I remember little of the past few seconds. My body relaxes in an indescribable way, like a release of all of the worries, the fears, the world. I am in my heaven. I settle back to earth, and dreamily relive that few seconds. My pussy is pulsing with the after effects. My bed is wet, my hand is glossed.

I lay there for a few moments, satisfied, and then realize that the experience has made me horny again.

Oh well, I'm already naked....



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