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My Adventure

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I'm what you might call an exhibitionist. I like showing my tits, butt, and I really like showing my big pussy lips! this is one of my adventures. Hope you enjoy!


I woke up early Sunday morning feeling a little sexy and a little bit wet between my legs. I take my hand and glide it from my nipples to my belly then I reached my clit and slid one finger down my big pussy lips. I took my finger away and tasted my pussy juices which perked me right up! I threw the covers off my naked body and jumped up and walked to my closet and opened it. What to wear? How about nothing but a dress... a mini dress. The dress barely covered my nipples, ass, and if you looked at the right angel you could actually see my pussy. I walk out my room and as I got to the front door 'Hey sexy! you forgot to get dressed!' I looked back to see Tory grinning. I wink and blow her a kiss and walk out the door and into my car.

My first stop was a coffee shop which at first didn't look like no one was there. I enter and I'm greeted by the delicious smell of coffee, there were two people and the cashier. The cashier was a woman and the two people who were sitting across from each other one was a man and the other was a woman. The man had his back to me but the woman was facing me. I walk up and order my coffee and went over to a newspaper machine and got my paper, I start to walk to over to my table when I 'accidentally' dropped it. I bent down and exposed my butt and pussy to the woman who was sitting with the man. The guy must have seen because I heard a gasp then a slap!. I sat down and faced the cashier with my legs crossed as I read the paper. Every so often I would uncross my legs and spread them a little I would catch glimpses of the cashier and the other woman. A few minutes passed when the cashier walks over 'Here's your coffee!' I look up to see a bright red face 'Thank you!' I wink and take the coffee. By now the two people left.

It was me and her alone so I took this opportunity. As I drank my coffee and read the paper I ever so slowly separated my legs, Eventually they were so far apart my dress has risen up to my waist. At first she acted like nothing was happening but eventually she stopped and stared at my pussy! I took my warm hand that held the coffee and placed it high on my thigh and started rubbing it up and down. When she started working again and trying to ignore me I placed my hand right on my pussy and started to 'itch' it a little. My pussy juices are flowing and some dribbled down onto my chair when I caught a glance of her staring with her mouth open. I put the paper down which made her do a jump and do a 180! I get up and notice a puddle of cum on my chair. I left a tip on the table and started walking out with the bottom of my dress still at my waist 'Excuse me... ma'am, your dress...' I look back and put on a shocked face! 'Oh thank you!' I turn and walk out but before I do 'Come back anytime!' she says. I walked to my car with cum running down my thighs, I get in and clean myself up. Next stop the book store!

I arrived at the book store which was surprisingly busy which made me even more excited and horny! Before I left my car I took my hand and placed two fingers in my cunt to get them soaked with pussy juices. I was about to lick my fingers clean when I got a great idea! I started to rub my juices all over my neck and tits so people could smell my pussy even more. I enter the the store and instantly noticed the cashier looking at my tits, he couldn't take his eyes off until I disappeared into the books. I looked around to find the next person I would expose myself to when I found a lady. She was in the romance section. I entered far from her and started looking around. I bent down exposing my butt to grab a book and 'accidentally' dropped it. I faced her and bent at the knees exposing my big bald pussy lips. She looked over and quickly looked back at her book. I kept browsing the selection slowly working my way down to her.

I'm standing right next to her when I hear her take a deep breath in and cautiously looks over then back at her book. I can smell the scent of books mixed with my pussy! I look up and notice a book that I was interested in so I reached up and my erect nipples started to pop out of my dress and my clumsy hands dropped the book. I knew she was looking because I had that feeling like of someone staring. I turned around and bent over grabbed the book with one hand and and grabbed on of my butt cheeks and spread it to give her a better view of my wet pussy and ass! 'Excuse me, you should cover up' I get up and turn around. My tits have fallen out and my dress worked its way up my waist showing off my wet glistening pussy 'What?' She points to my boobs and pussy 'You should cover up your beautiful assets!' She smiles and winks. I giggle and fix my dress 'Thanks for the complement' I walk out with my thighs drenched in pussy juices I get in my car and took off my dress and went home. I got to the apartment left my dress and ran up to my apartment as fast as I could.

I entered and quickly sat down next to Tory who was eating cereal and watching TV. I spread my legs and started finger fucking my cunt. The sounds of my wet pussy and breathing made Tory turn off the TV and turn to watch me while she kept eating. I started going faster and harder *fap, fap, squish, squish, fap* my orgasm hit like a train. My body shaking, tits jiggling, and my pussy squirting cum all over my hand and floor. I calm down, my eyes closed and my pussy contracting oozing cum 'Where the hell did you go!?' Tory asks. I smile 'It doesn't matter where I went but what I did' She keeps eating when she takes her cold spoon and scoops up some pussy cream from my cunt which made me shiver 'Mmmmmm sweet!' We both smiled and laughed.

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