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My Adult Bookstore Education Continues

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After several weeks of edging lessons from my newfound mentor I was becoming comfortable with the adult movie house culture. I learned that at the age of 20 it was easy for me to have two orgasms in a single evening, so I would edge for an hour or so and have my first, then I could go almost indefinitely before having a second.

Gradually I began going on other week day evenings and hooking up with other men from time to time. Most of the men that I met there were in their 40s and 50s. A few were 60 or older. I was very careful during my time to avoid anything but mutual masturbation, never heading down to the first row where many of the men were giving oral sex to each other.

There was a small 20 seat section on the extreme right side of the theater that was marked with soft lights and a sign that said couples only but after several months I had never seen anyone in that section. I asked several of the men that I met about it and was told that Friday evenings were the popular couples nights so I finally worked up my courage and decided to try it.

I went to the theater at about 9:00 on a Friday and was shocked to see how full it was. Unlike the typical week night when there were 25 or 30 men inside there must have been 100 or more. As soon as my eyes were used to the dark, I drifted toward the couples section and saw three couples sitting there. Single men had crowded close to the edges of the section and were feasting on the visuals provided by the couples.

All three couples were engaged in sex play and two of the women were at least partially disrobed. Their partners were variously engaged in playing with their breasts which were exposed or in wildly masturbating them, although it was impossible to see any of the intimate details because of the darkness. One of the women was loudly moaning and had her head thrown back as he partner was fondling her vagina. In the border rows, where the single men were jockeying for the best views, many of the men had exposed themselves and were masturbating openly.

I was too shy to take my penis out, but I groped myself through my pants and found the scene amazingly erotic. By 10:00 the two most openly engaged couples had both enjoyed rather loud orgasms and left the theater.

The remaining couple was almost elderly. They were probably in their 60s and they seemed to be doing little more than watch the movie. When the noisy couples finally left most of the men sitting close and straining to see the action became discouraged and drifted away. I remained in my seat hoping to see the couple do something. After a few moments, the man motioned for me to approach them. I slid over to be close to them and asked if it was alright since I was by myself. He assured me that it was fine, then told me that his wife liked me and wanted to know if she could 'help me out.' He told me to take my penis out and then to sit between them which I did. She took me in her gentle hands and started to manipulate my penis and as she did, the man told me that I should feel free to touch her, because she was very horny.

I had never touched a girl's vagina before so my explorations were clumsy, but she helped me, opening her legs to allow my touch. She was wearing a dress with no underwear and as I followed the contours of her legs she guided my fingers to her clitoris which was very hard, very sharp and protruding. Its shape was surprising to me. As I gently squeezed her clit, she gasped and bent forward in her seat, squeezing her legs together.

'Go slowly,' her husband suggested, 'she has been watching the sexy movies for an hour and she is ready to cum at any moment.' I removed my fingers and traced the warmth of her legs all the way back up to her tummy. Then I found my way to her breasts. She literally purred as I stroked her breasts and touched her nipples. And then it happened. Her hand on my penis suddenly found a place that I couldn't control and I knew that I was about to lose my first load of the evening.

Squeezing her breast and nipple I released a massive amount of cum into her hand, bucking and grinding against her while she squealed in delight.



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