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My Active Mind

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As I sit at my computer enjoying this site, I sit contemplating all the things that excite me. I love this site as it allows all of us to feel that we are not alone in thinking what we think about (sex), think about it (fantasize) feel what we are feeling (horny) and doing something about it when we need to (masturbate). When you think about it it's the ultimate safe sex, isn't it.

It is normal for us to fantasize about all kinds of things, situations or people every day. For instance just the other day at work I became aware that my Boss Lady wasn't wearing a bra. Of course I was polite, didn't stare but I secretly looked for a tell tale sign of an erect nipple or two as I imagined her nipples would be rubbing on the inside fabric of her uniform. She didn't know this but it excited me (if she had taken a close look at my pants she would have seen the tell tale sign of my erection) and this was one of the things that I fantasized about later the next time I masturbated. I tried to imagine what her breasts looked like, what size they were, shape, what her nipples looked like and what did her aerolas look like? How did she like to have them stimulated, did she enjoy a light rub or when she got excited did she like them pinched or pulled a bit? How did she like them sucked, had she ever had an orgasm just from breast or nipple stimulation? These were all things that came to my mind when I realized that she wasn't wearing a bra.

It made me imagine that here was a very sensual woman who enjoyed that kind of gentle stimulation of her nipples all day long. It made me wonder, with that stimulation was she horny right then and there and was she wet? Was she also having constant naughty thoughts as I was having? What were those thoughts or of whom? I saw her as a free spirit going braless like that. That made me think about what she was like behind closed doors, what kind of lover was she? Was she adventurous? Was she loud or a moaner? What were her fantasies, what turned her on? Did she like to try new things? Was she kinky, how kinky was she? Did she enjoy sucking cock or anal sex? Was she submissive or assertive in bed? These were all questions I was longing to know about but couldn't come right out and ask her about because it wasn't proper at work.

When I masturbated, I wondered how she liked to get herself off as well. Did she use her fingers or a vibrator? Did she like to use a dildo and stuff herself with it? Did she like to have some anal stimulation too like I do sometimes when I'm jacking off? My imagination was working double time, no triple time. I finally imagined her (like many of us do) sitting naked or almost naked in front of her computer reading a site much like this one with hot horny stories that would make her wet and wanting. As I manipulated my cock, stroking up and down its engorged lenght, playing with the pre-cum seeping out of me, I got hotter thinking about her face and how it would look intently reading while her hand carressed her nipples then quickly go down to that hungry cunt of hers. I imagined her getting hotter as she got closer and closer to her climax. I imagined her breaths getting shorter and shorter as she got closer to her release. Finally I spurted my essence all over myself as I imagined her face contort in ecstacy as her body spasmed over and over with that wonderful release of pleasure going through her. Afterwards I wondered what exactly did it for her, what was the trigger for her going over the edge. For me I know it was the look of ecstacy on her face as I imagined what she would look like at that exact moment, that most private and secret moment alone with her thoughts and pleasure.



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