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My Accidental Memorable First Experience

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When I was in school, there was a particular day when I had to go pee really bad and the teacher didn't let me. By the end of class, I was jumping really bad, and while I was running to the wash room, my fingers literally held my vulva while I was running, to help alleviate the pain. But at the same time, I noticed simply holding it felt good! No, having to pee really bad didn't feel good, but there was a pleasant feeling about it.

Anyway, after finally making it to the bathroom, I undressed quickly and did my thing. When I stood up, I didn't dress myself right away, I placed some fingers over my entire vulva and enjoyed the sensation. After a few seconds, I had an urge to rub the area. I started doing that, then it really picked up and felt good. I started breathing louder and faster, and eventually I was rubbing faster, but I also felt some anxiety too and was worried someone might see me or question my activity even though the stall was locked. I felt strange and weird to be playing with something which up to now was only associated with going to the bathroom. I don't know how long I was in the bathroom here but it was probably just a few minutes.

Later on that evening, when I was taking a bath, I remembered what I did in school earlier. After I washed my hair and was lying down on my back, I began to rub that area. Instantly I felt these tingly feelings that were so good. It felt even better lying down than it did earlier standing up. I spent several minutes at it that evening.

Eventually this became a regular activity of mine when taking a bath (which I'll shamefully admit that back then was only about two or three times a week). I would continue after bathing to rub my vulva area with four fingers from my left hand for several minutes before getting dressed.

I was always curious and wondered if other people did this secret activity of mine. I wanted to know if it had a name. But I was too ashamed to talk or ask anybody about it.

After a couple years, I began to feel some urges outside of my regular bath time to do these 'rubbing sessions' as my mind called it back then before I actually knew what it was. I started taking extra baths, sometimes a few a day, not necessarily to clean myself but to enjoy myself. Other times, I would hide in my closet (my bedroom door didn't have a lock), and drop my pants and rub. If I heard someone coming, I would quickly get dressed, and hope nobody actually would look for me in a closet. And yet other times, I would just have to fight and resist the urge as I'd be in an inappropriate place to have a 'rubbing session.'

When I was around thirteen years old, I started discovering different varieties of methods to masturbate. One of them was by placing my right hand and it's fingers directly underneath my left, it made for some more powerful feelings, than simply using just one hand and one set of fingers. And as I got older, I only wanted to have more and more of these secret 'rubbing sessions.'

After a phys-ed class when we had to take a mandatory shower after, I just felt to myself that it sure would be nice if I could rub over here right now. And the feelings got stronger and stronger, to the point where I couldn't help myself. I took a shower that was the furthest from the hall and one where I wouldn't actually be facing any of the other girls myself. I hoped nobody would see me. Then I placed my hands between my legs, and slowly started to rub. The girls next to me left quickly, and I felt more alone, but then I could hear, but not see, that some were talking about me and watching from a distance. Everybody though was quiet, and I felt embarrassed. But I also felt like if I stop now, I'll be even more embarrassed. So I kept at it to see what would become of this. Then a girl from outside the room came in totally clueless as to what was going on. She came in to call the other girls to class, but one of the girls there that was watching said in a whisper, 'Shhhh! She's masturbating.' And then somebody said, 'What?' And she said a bit louder, 'masturbating.'

I felt like, Wow! Is that what this is called? I never heard of it, but maybe that's what I'm doing. But I also still felt embarrassed, and didn't want to leave the shower. Then another girl said, 'Well let's go. We've seen her, and it's time for class. We don't have to wait for her.' I thought to myself, 'Phew, they're leaving. But how am I going to explain yourself later?' Fortunately, even the people watching were probably embarrassed, and nobody talked about it ever. I felt relieved, and a little bit more happy as I now knew my 'rubbing sessions' had a name called, 'Masturbation.' Later on that week, I was able to read about it in a book, and learn that it's normal, and perhaps even healthy to do.

Now, I masturbate like three times a day, and I enjoy every minute of it. I feel glad to have discovered it when I was younger. I think it's tragic for somebody to discover it later on in life, like after reaching puberty or something. It would be like being deprived of something that's so much fun. I know it was an accidental discovery for me, but what a good accident to have!



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