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Mutual With Older Neighbor

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I am 29, and I live in a house with a couple of guys. I know I am kind of old for roommates, but rent is good and I am waiting to find that special lady, so I don't mind.

Anyway, since all of the guys in the house are career guys, we live in a pretty nice neighborhood. Our neighbor, Jim, has a really nice big pool and a hot-tub in his backyard. We asked him if it was fine if we used it from time to time and he was fine with it. He always invited us over during the football games and stuff, and he seemed really lonely, so we kind of all became pretty good friends with him.

Being the oldest, I have the master bedroom on the second story. It is kind of a loft with a bathroom. Well, I am nude a lot up there (because there is a door so I have plenty of privacy) and one night, I was doing some cleaning up (naked of course) when I noticed Jim on his balcony, watching me. He smiled and waved and so did I, then he motioned for me to open my window.

'Hey Luke, are you home alone?' 'Um, I think so. The guys are at a party.' 'Why don't ya come on over and go for a little swim with me?' It was a hot July night, and that sounded refreshing.

'Don't bother with swimtrunks, I usually don't!' he shouted. I grabbed my bathrobe and headed over, through the gate and onto his patio. He was stripping down in his living room and pouring drinks. He came out and I dove into the pool. The water felt great against my skin. I swam for a little while while he just waded in the shallow end. I had never noticed how in shape he was until now.

He was about six feet tall, a big guy. He was a doctor, but played football in college. He was kind of bald, but had well trimmed hair everywhere else. He had a barrel chest, ripped from working out a lot, and huge thighs and calves. For being in his sixties, he was in great shape. 'Why didn't you ever get married? You're a good looking guy.'

'Well, I would ask the same of you!' He got out of the pool, and I watched the water drip off of his body as he went over to the hot-tub. I followed. We sat and he explained that his wife actually lived across the country working in a law-firm. He couldn't move because of his practice, and her postition was a year long, so they decided they could have a year apart. He talked about how they had sex when she was around during long weekends and holidays and those were the times when he asked me and my roommates not to use the pools. 'Makes sense.' I laughed.

'What is your story?' as I told it, he sat up on the deck and his genitals were right in plain sight. He had a really nick cock, about six inches long and thick. He was cut, as am I, and he had a really big head. His balls were low-hanging and not too hairy compared to his chest. In fact, I am sure he shaved his genitals. I told him about my bachelor's escapades, and how I just have never found a lady to settle down with.

'Well, I am sure you know, but without my wife, masturbation keeps me steady!' I laughed a little when he said this and he sat back into the hot-tub and scooted over towards me. He started whispering in my ear. 'Luke, you are a good looking guy. You look a lot like I did when I was your age.' He kissed my neck a little and I felt his erect cock graze my hands and my hairy forearms. 'Does this bother you? I always wanted to do this with an older guy when I was your age.'

I gulped, 'No. I want to do this with you...please' and I turned and kissed him back.

His thick goatee felt great against my face as he started kissing his way down to my nipples. he motioned me up to the pool deck and kneeled on the bench of the hot-tub while he sucked my chesthair and nipples (pretty hairy, but not too bad. I have pretty nice pecs and abs, but I have a little beer fat covering them up...nothing too gross though.). His huge throbbing cock kept rubbing against my big calves and it sent shivers up my body. I started working my balls and he grabbed my cock. He rubbed me and then grabbed some lube out of the pocket of his bathrobe. He kept rubbing as he slathered lube into his hands and then onto my cock. He felt like a real pro, rubbing and then slowing down and the speeding up. A true masturbation vet! I mean, I have done it since I was thirteen, and I thought I was a pro. He would use two handed techniques, go up and down the shaft, caress my thighs and abs and chest all at a nice pace.

Finally I said, 'hey, I am there! I'm gonna cum!' He got really close and kept rubbing. I bucked my hips, shook and then came all over his chest and neck. He tasted it and laughed and then sat on the pool deck.

He laid down, with his knees sticking up, exposing his ass. I started rubbing in between his cheeks and moved down to the hole. I never penetrated, but dipped my fingers in a little bit while I played with his huge balls. I kissed his inner thighs and legs while he rubbed my shoulders and neck and I rubbed his dick, stroking, trying to imitate what he did to me. I kept one hand on his ass and inner thighs. He would moan and his balls would suck up into his body or twitch and then drop down again. His huge cock started throbbing and the head started growing and turning dark red.

'I'm gonna cum.' he said under his breath, but I kept kissing and rubbing. I cupped his balls and then took my right middle finger and right when he was about to cum, I slipped it two knuckles deep into his rectum. He moaned a deep growl and I scooted in and let him grind his balls and ass against my abs and pecs while he came back onto his stomach. I pulled my finger out and then he pushed himself back into the hot tub. I licked the cum off of his chest and we held each other close, our erections dying while we kissed and tugged at each others cocks or balls here or there, rubbing the blood out of them. we talked a little bit more and then I headed back.

I hang out quite a bit with Jim now, and we have done stuff like this a few times since then! I love my neighbor!



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