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Mutual With My Girlfriend

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Two weeks ago, I was at my girlfriend Emily's house, hanging out on the couch in her living room. Her family was out. Soon, we were heavily making out, and I was squeezing her large, DD-cup breasts through her tank top. I lifted up her shirt and bra, revealing a beautiful pair of soft, round breasts with hard, pink nipples studding the center. I ran my hands across her breasts and stomach as we continued to kiss. She breathed heavy and squirmed as I toyed with her nipples and gently kneaded her boobs. I moved my head down, gently kissing her stomach as she let out a sigh. I kissed my way up her body, opening my mouth and lightly pressing my tongue into her smooth skin as I went, until I reached her breasts. I tongued one of her nipples into my mouth, lightly sucking at it as I ran my tongue around the hard bud, and Emily softly moaned, twining her fingers in my hair.

Suddenly, Emily pushed me up into a sitting position and kissed me hard as she lifted one of my hands and settled it on her boobs. I wrapped my other hand around her back. Emily always gets demanding when she's horny, and I knew what was coming next. She quickly unlooped my belt and slid her hand down through my pants and boxers. I felt her fingers running lightly over my pubes as they closed around my hard dick. I sighed as I clenched her breast and pressed my hand into her back. Pulling my dick out of my pants so she could see it, Emily began quickly pumping her hand up and down. I moaned and buried my tongue in her mouth, kissing her hard as she jerked me off. I pulled my mouth off of hers, panting, eyes closed as she pleasured me. I felt precum running down my cock, lubricating her hand and increasing her pace. I sucked her earlobe and whispered 'Ohh baby I'm close... I'm about to cum'. I grabbed her wrist and moved it up and down a few times very fast before releasing it. She got the idea, and began stroking my dick faster and gripping it much harder than before. I pressed my head back into the couch and breathed fast and hard. Finally, I moaned loudly and pressed my hands into Emily's chest and back. Cum squirted high out of my dick, spattering my shirt and the couch. I gasped as the second, third, and fourth waves of my orgasm hit, flinging hot white cum all over Emily's hand and breasts. She slowly stopped stroking me as the last dribbles of cum poured out of my cock and over her hand. She wiped up the cum from my dick and shirt, then cleaned the couch where it was spattered with white. After she cleaned her hand and boobs of my cum, I collapsed onto her, eyes closed and panting. She held me, stroking my hair and gently kissing me every minute or so.

After about ten minutes, she gave me another light kiss, but as she moved her head away, I put my hands on her neck and pulled her mouth against mine in a sexy, fiery kiss. I roughly pushed her down onto the couch as I once again rubbed at her breasts and kissed her neck. I pushed and rubbed on her pussy outside her jeans with my other hand and she breathed hard. She wasn't going to let me tease her. Giving me a lustful look, she pressed my hands against her crotch. I kissed her, and slid her out of her jeans and panties. I gazed down at the crease of her vagina, under her curls of blonde pubic hair. It was glistening with her wetness.

I slowly ran my hand down her pussy and she let out a long breath, closing her eyes. I pressed my finger in between her folds, coating it in her cum before sliding it quickly across the fleshy button of her clitoris. Emily inhaled sharply and jerked her head back. I starting working on her clit with my fingers, stroking and rubbing it from side to side and in circles, eliciting delicious moans from Emily. Gasping and quivering she held my hand in place over her clit as I rolled it between my fingers. Emily shuddered as I licked her neck while I rubbed on her clit, and let out something between a moan and a whimper when I lowered my head to suck at her nipples. My palm became sticky as I ground it against her vagina and toyed with her clitty. Suddenly Emily threw her head back and squeezed her legs around my hand. My palm was flooded with wetness as Emily shuddered hard and gasped for breath, her eyes closed and mouth wide open. She stayed like that for nearly a minute, my hand pressed against her pussy, shaking and gasping, until she let out a long moan and fell back against the couch. I pulled my hand from her panties and gently kissed her.


It was a great time, and writing about it has made me so hard I have to go get off now. Bye



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