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Mutual With My Cousin

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Hard to believe this happened almost twenty years ago. Seems like only yesterday.


When I was thirteen, my fifteen year old cousin 'Melonie' stayed at our house for about two weeks one summer while her parents went on some kind of business related retreat. She was very attractive to my hormone crazed eyes. I made it my goal to try to see her naked before she left. I wasn't really sure how I was going to do this as I figured if I accidentally walked in on her showering or getting dressed, she'd surely scream and sooner or later I'd get in trouble.

So, I changed my strategy. I figured if I couldn't walk in on her with her pants down, I'd try to get her to walk in on me with mine down and my penis up. On about day three of her visit, shortly after my parents had left for work, I opened my bedroom door part of the way. I could hear the shower running so I knew she was in there. The bathroom was situated between my room and the room she was using. I stripped down and started playing with myself. I heard the water stop and heard her hair dryer. After I heard the dryer stop, I started moaning (as if in pleasure). I wasn't really close to cumming yet, but wanted to give that impression.

A few minutes passed and I thought it wasn't going to work, or that she had not heard me. Then I saw her at my door. I had my eyes partially closed (as if glazed over with pleasure), but I could see her. I pretended to be too caught up to notice her but she just kept watching. Now I was getting close, but I wanted to see what else might happen. I opened my eyes all the way and looked right at her. After a second or two, I covered myself in embarrassment.

She said something like, 'I'm sorry, but your door was open.' 'That's OK,' I mumbled. My penis, which had started to soften, sprang back to life when I heard the words I was hoping for: 'Can I watch you finish? I've never seen a guy do it before.' I pretended to think it over for a few seconds. 'OK,' I finally said. 'But only if you take your clothes off too.' I thought she was going to refuse and leave me to myself, but she didn't.

She slowly walked over to my bed stripping as she walked. T-shirt, shorts, bra, panties, naked. So, now I had a real live girl to help my masturbation fantasy. She approached my bed and yanked the covers off. I grabbed my bulging penis and started stroking. Too young and inexperienced to know when to savor a moment, I quickly came coating my hands and penis with semen. I had expected her to leave then, but she didn't. She sat on my bed and lay beside me. 'That was pretty cool.' I didn't really know what to say. I had cum on my hands and a naked girl lying right in front of me. I started checking her out. Her breasts were firm and averaged sized and she had a beautiful full bush.

Finally, I asked, 'Do girls masturbate too?' 'Some do.' 'Do you?' 'Sometimes.' 'How? I don't see anything for you to grab.' She smiled and repositioned herself so that now her nether region was close to my face and spread her legs. She gave me a close up view of her female parts and explained what each one was, finishing with her clitoris. I asked what it was for and she said it was for masturbating. Then she moved her hand 'down there' and started making circles around her clitty. With her other hand she started playing with her breasts, occasionally tweaking her nipples.

After a few minutes, I noticed her hand was getting wet. I asked her if she was peeing. She said no, that it was girl-cum. After a few more minutes she was moaning and getting flushed in the face. She sat up and I could see that she was moving her middle finger inside her vagina. As she took it out each time I noticed more of her 'girl-cum' on her finger. By now, my penis had recovered and I was rock hard again. So, naturally I started stroking. Melonie saw this and said, 'This will make it feel better.' She sloshed her finger in her vagina and came out with a large amount of her goo which she spread on my penis. It definitely made it feel better!!

So, we just sat in my bed for several more minutes, pleasuring ourselves. Then, her breathing got real short and heavy and she started moaning. She was moving her finger inside herself so fast I could hardly see it. Finally, she gave one last moan, collapsed and started writhing on the bed, screaming 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming!''So am I,' I replied and blew another massive load. Most of it landed on the bed, but some of it landed on her chest and thighs. We laid there, spent for several minutes. Eventually we got up, washed up and went about our normal routine. We did other stuff in the time that she was there, but most of that might be reserved for the pay site...Kevin



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