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Mutual With Martin

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I grew up in a small town or rather close to one. My father was in the construction business and built our house five miles from town. My family consisted of two older sisters, me and one brother, four years younger than me. There were never a lot of recreational facilities around in the places we had lived in, so home was where we all spent most of our time. My parents were very strict.

Although I didn't know how to jerk off, I was very aware that touching my cock and balls would produce delicious sensations. My kid brother and I used to sit at opposite ends of the sofa to watch TV. He liked to sort of snuggle up and would nestle his bare foot right into my crotch against my cock. It always produced a hard-on and I liked it. We would be watching the TV while he kept his foot on my cock, gently pressing, releasing. It must have aroused him too because he always had his hand down his pants when he did my crotch. This went on for a long time. We never did anything else other than the 'foot-in-crotch' routine. We both understood that my mom and dad did not approve of physical contact like that, so he would quickly withdraw his foot if someone came down the hallway.

I didn't learn to jerk off until a friend showed me. I had just turned 13. That summer I met Martin, almost a year older than me. He lived about a half mile down the road. I saw him every morning when we rode the school bus into town. One day early in July, Martin came over to my place on his bike. He asked me if I wanted to go swimming. My mom said it was okay so I grabbed my swim suit and a towel and off we went.

The swimming spot was a small lake about a mile away. There was no permanent road but there were lots of biking and hiking trails. No one else was at the lake when we arrived. Martin took off his jeans and T-shirt and jockeys. His cock was a LOT bigger than mine. He was around the same height and weight as me but his soft dick hung about six inches between his legs. It swung around when he walked whereas mine just sort of bobbed up and down a bit. His foreskin was really dark and extended almost to the end. I'm circumcised and my soft cock was only a couple of inches long back then. He had lots of black pubic hair around his cock and balls. I was envious, I'm sure. It was the first time I had ever seen a 'grown-up' guy's jewels.

No sense wearing a bathing suit when there's no one else here, he said. At first I was reluctant because my parents were really strict when it came to that sort of thing. What if someone came along and saw us? What are they going to see if we're in the water? was the reply. Anyhow, I agreed and stripped down to my birthday suit as well, exposing my little shrunken cock with much less hair than he had.

We swam around for awhile. The water was quite cold and my poor little pecker and balls almost disappeared into my groin. Martin's shrunk too but not nearly so much. When we had enough we left the water and horsed around on the beach, all the while completely naked. At some point we started to play wrestle and I noticed Martin getting hard. Soon I did too and he suggested that we sit back against a huge driftwood and 'jerk off'. This was entirely new to me but I was a very willing learner.

We sat back against the old dead tree on the beach and Martin started to stroke his long cock. With a foreskin it went very smoothly. I followed his lead as best I could, soon getting the hang of it and dry stroking my much shorter shaft. Soon he let out a little gasp and his cum load shot out onto the sand. Because he had gasped, I thought it must have hurt. He assured me that it felt nicer than anything I had ever felt before. Soon enough, my dry stroking produced a wonderful, wonderful orgasm and I spilled just a bit of cum onto the beach sand too.

This was such a great discovery. We talked about all kinds of things and before long we were both stroking again. Martin said he could avoid spilling his cum all over, just by keeping it under his foreskin. Sure enough, as he started to ejaculate again, he pulled his foreskin right past the end of his cock and pinched it. A little bit of cum oozed out because he didn't have a good enough grip but most of it was kept inside under his skin hood. Now that really seemed pretty neat to me. I soon went off a second time too but this time there were just a few drops. But it had felt a lot stronger than the first time. We both ran back to the lake to clean up. Martin kept the end of his foreskin pinched together so when we got to the lake he pulled the skin right back to show me. Big blobs of cum fell into water. I had foreskin envy from that day onward.

I quickly became a fully converted masturbator. I did it whenever and wherever I could. Within a few months my volume of cum increased dramatically. I had to be sure to have lots of tissue or a towel to clean up afterwards.

In the fall of that year our family went on a weekend trip to visit my aunt and uncle. For three whole days I had no opportunity to jerk off. By the time we got back home I was ready to explode. I made a b-line for the bathroom for some relief. Standing at the sink I dropped my pants and started to stroke, intending to shoot off into the sink. In my rush to get at it, I had neglected to lock the bathroom door. I was just a few seconds from ejaculating when suddenly the door opened and there was my dad.

As I said, my parents were really strict and especially about sex. Dad's shocked look was followed by a verbal tirade about self-abuse. He said that my actions were degrading and disgusting. As I hurriedly pulled up my pants he yelled at me to get to my room and wait there for him. I knew I was in trouble.

I didn't have to wait long. When he came into my room I saw that he had removed his belt from his pants. He had folded it in two so I knew what was coming. He told me to drop my pants and lean over the bed. (Just to keep all this in perspective, getting strapped over the bare ass was very common back then, especially for boys who misbehaved.) I stood at the end of my bed and leaned over, letting my jeans and boxers drop down around my ankles. He smacked my ass a couple of times and I sure felt it. But to my embarrassment, my cock was as hard as a rock. Maybe it was because I had been so close to cumming in the bathroom. As he smacked my ass again, I ejaculated. That's the honest truth - I actually ejaculated while getting my ass strapped for jerking off. Think of the irony of that! Several thick streams of cum spontaneously shot out onto the blanket as I dumped three days worth. He saw it flying out of my cock and that made him all the madder. My mom and sisters saw it too because they were in the doorway, watching my punishment. Dad yelled that I was a pervert and let off with another smack to my ass. Then he stormed out of the bedroom saying that had better be the last time I do such a disgusting thing. I was left leaning over the bed, pants around my ankles, cum dripping from my still-hard cock and gobs of white goo on the blanket.

My mom told me to clean up and shut the door, leaving me alone to nurse my stinging behind and to ponder my sins. Looking in the mirror I could see my ass was red from Dad's belt. For the rest of the day it was pretty tender. I cleaned up the blanket with tissue as best I could but it got all crusty and white when it dried out. My dad never mentioned the incident again. Of course, I was soon back at it,(the next day I think), but I was SUPER CAREFUL after that to be sure that no one discovered my self-pleasuring behaviour. Just to be on the safe side, I wouldn't let my little brother put his foot in my crotch anymore when we sat around on the sofa, just in case he decided to tattle on me or someone else saw us. I didn't want to risk another ass-tanning.

As for Martin, he provided some balance for me. We hung around a lot and often jerked off together. We didn't 'do' one another, we just jerked ourselves off when we were together - often. It was fun to do it with someone else. Of course we both continued to jerk off on our own too. Martin thought my parents were really weird when I told him that my dad had strapped me for jerking off. Martin's older brother had shown him how to jerk off when he was quite young and his parents talked freely of sex at home all the time, he said. He said his mother had walked in on both him and his brother jerking off and she couldn't care less.

Martin and I were pals throughout high school. We jerked off together until we both left home for good. As time passed, our jerk off sessions became less frequent, mainly because we didn't spend as much time with one another after the girl thing started up in earnest - about 16 or 17. We sometimes double dated. On those occasions we would park the car for a few minutes, just before picking up the girls and jerk off together. That wasn't because of friendship but rather to 'dump our loads' so we could last longer with our girlfriends later in the evening. I did the same thing with other guys too when we double dated right through my college years. Alone too - if I had a hot date set up. It worked great - quite effective in giving you more staying power. If it turned out that you didn't get any sex on a particular night, nothing was lost. You could just go home to your own bed and jerk off all over again. It's a real win/win technique. These days I no longer have that problem - I wish I still did......

Martin now lives on the West Coast. We haven't gotten together for many years but maybe one of these days.



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