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Mutual Touch Part 2

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Have you ever imagined the perfect moment of mutual touch between a man and a woman. Is your fantasy one of complete selfish love or the pleasuring of yourself but the giving of so much more to the one you love. When you close your eyes do you dream of the one person in your life that completes you or do you fantasize about someone who is there just to fuck you. I would much rather be with my soul mate (my husband)that completes me and dream of him loving me, touching me and allowing me just to be Me! As you read my story take a moment to visualize how beautiful mutual love can be.

Let me take you to a cottage set back in the woods. It was our anniversary and a weekend trip we had been waiting for. Two full days no work and no kids. Just the two of us being taken away from our everyday reality . From the moment we arrived I could tell my husband wanted me and the flashbacks of all the things he shared he wanted to do made my pussy drip with the excitment of what was to come. As soon as we walked in the door he pressed his body against me and reached between my legs feeling my warm juices that had already begun to soak my jeans. Just the touch of his hand pressing on my clit was enough to make me cum but I knew I wanted more.

He quickly unzipped his jeans to release his hard thick cock that was already dripping with precum. The sight of him holding his cock in one hand and rubbing my pussy with the other is such a turn on for me. We then managed to take each others clothes off only then did he see that I had wore his favorite thong, matching bra and lace thigh highs. I could tell in his eyes that I had done everything to turn him on and he now was going to do everything to pleasure me. He slowly took his hands and gently touched my face and continued to touch my entire body until I was in complete summission to his touch. He carried me to the bedroom where he had already lit candles and to my surprise had the video camera set up and ready to go. We had taped ourselves before and enjoyed watching our home movies together but tonight I knew he wanted me to put on a show for him.

He layed me on the bed and told me that he wanted to tape me first and then I could tape him. I thought that was pretty fair since I knew he loved waching me masturbate. I spread my legs far apart lifting them high in the air. The sight of him watching me made me so horny. I rolled over and let him get a good shot of my ass spread with the thong strap showing. I reached down and opened my pussy wide so he could get a good shot of my juices flowing. I know that's his favorite way to Fuck me (Doggie Style) so I wanted to give him a good view. He pulled off my thong and undid my bra to let my tits be free. I rolled over and started to twist my nipples and rub my clit. My nipples were so hard and my pussy was hot . I just couldn't take it anymore I rubbed and I rubbed. He knew I needed to feel full so he stuck two fingers in and began to finger fuck me while I rubbed my clit. I bucked my hips and let out a big moan while pussy juices exploded all over his hand. He then said it was his turn and rubbed my cum all over his throbbing cock. I took the camera and began filming my man stroking his long hard rod. He loves the feel of pantyhose rubbing his cock and my feet touching his balls. I could tell he wanted me to bring my soft feet to his cock. He continued to pump his cock with one hand and rub his balls with the other. What an awesome sight...Ladies you don't know what your missing if you haven't enjoyed watching your man stroke himself.... I then took my foot and began rubbing his cock and balls I knew he was so close. I zoomed in on his cock and watched the precum ooze out. Just then he began to breath heavy and stroke faster I knew he was close. He sat up on his knees and shot out the thickest and longest cum shot I had ever seen. Best of all I had it on tape to watch whenever I wanted to play solo!!!!!! Enjoy and hopefully I'll get to share with you the rest of our LOVE WEEKEND!



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