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Mutual Siblings Inspired

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This story was inspired and encouraged by Will's story, linked, which I just read and am still aroused by. His experience with his sister which didn't begin until about the age of my parents was totally erotic and encouraging for me.


Anne and I were raised by our single parent Mom. I am now 24 and Anne just turned 18. So I feel more comfortable talking about her sexually whereas I hesitated to before. But actually, except for maybe a flash or two during the frenzy of my puberty there really wasn't much to tell until the Christmas break from my last year at military boarding school shortly after Anne's 14th birthday.

Anne had developed into a very athletic still tomboy-like young woman with a shelf full of trophies in swimming and lacrosse. I suppose we both took after our father who was killed in the military in Iran-blond, tall lean and in Anne's case really good looking. Our mother was the senior OR nurse at the local hospital and had been called to night duty the day after I arrived home. So Anne and I started getting re-acquainted with an order-in pizza and a bottle of dego red. Wine at 14 was not the norm but she actually seemed much more mature than her years-emotionally as well as physically. And pretty brazen-initially she took the lead.

We had both been running before ordering supper and were dressed in sweat suits as we hung out with the wine at the kitchen table I commented on how barren it was socially (I really meant sexually) at school and asked if she had any hot lovers yet meaning to be funny not serious. But she responded emphatically-boys in her class were goofy sexed up children. She hung out mostly with a few girls on her teams. In fact they had formed a sort of anti-boy little group going to games and movies together and sleep overs at one house or another. She commented that she had never seen a male with less on than a swim suit except for me a few times before there was really anything to see-ha ha.

Feeling pretty relaxed at that stage, I only had boxers under my sweats and my cock jumped. In fact I was getting hard. It was warm in the kitchen and Anne pulled off her sweat shirt. Under it she was obviously bra-less in a T shirt. Her tits were small but nice-nice because their hard nips pushed against the tight shirt. She gave me a sly look and asked what I had on under mine. I pulled it off, nothing. I wasn't home last summer when we could check each other out in the pool so it was actually not since late 15 that she had actually seen me barechested and I supposed I'd added a bit since-firmer pecs still smooth but a pronounced trail from my navel was new and frosty sparkle of blond hair on my forearms and my biceps more defined.

I felt myself being intensely checked out and was getting genuinely aroused. In fact the sweats still on were beginning to get a package. She finally bumped me on the knee and suggested we get down to the real basics and show all. What the hell...why not? Although Mom would not be home till morning we went down to the family room and I lit the fire made in the fire place and we sat on the sofa in front of it. With the roaring fire and surging inner juices it really got hot and off came Anne's T. Wow beautiful pointed tits with popping nipples and only narrow surrounding aerolea. She reached for my hand and cupped a tit and rubbed it with it. She said she was really into masturbation not with junk as she called toys but just natural-fingers and hands.

My pants were so tented then they were spotting through the heavy flannel and I hunched up and pulled my boxers down with them. My cock stood stiff and arching a little back out of its nest of thick flaxen pubes. Anne let out an 'OOH' and jumped up. She pulled down her sweats and sat in loose panties on my thighs facing me and grasped the stiff shaft of my cock first with one hand and then hand over hand. It's skinned glans bulged wet above her fist. Desperately I tried to control an imminent explosion by lifting her off and back and bent double squeezing back an edge. Whoah slow down! She stood there with a hand in her panties and I pulled them down and she lifted the hand out of a large pubic triangle identical in color to my own.

Prominent lips parted and wet the natural bush on a beaver as conditioned obviously as exercised as the rest of her body. Naked she sat back down on my thighs and with both index fingers spread the top of her vulva and popped her clit. I sat marvelling at it all with my penis throbbing and gently slipped my middle finger along the wet pink of the inner lips. I thrilled at the musky vagina aroma and began to stroke my cock with purpose. About in step with me she worked her pertruding clitoris and my ejaculation broke against her tits and ran down her belly. She stiffened leaned back and convulsed vagina spray. In the warm open fire room a mist of sibling cunt/cock aroma hung in the air. We repaired (separately) upstairs to shower and settled back in robes before the fire. That's where returning Mom found us at 5am side by side sound asleep.



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