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Mutual Seduction

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My family had moved to a new town just as the school year was beginning. I was an awkward 13 year old and was really hating the thought of being 'the new kid'. I went to my first class and was assigned a seat next to this boy named Ryan. We didn't speak. We both just sat there silently. I go to my next class and again was seated next to Ryan. Still we did not talk. By the time we got to our third class and were seated next to each other yet again we started talking. We compared our schedules and found out we had every class together! His family had just moved too so we figured we had the same schedule because that is where they had room left. Also, since we were both the new kids, we became friends. As we got to know each other we found out that we had lots in common! Ryan and I even looked alike. Neither of us realized this until some of the other kids started asking if we were twins! Both Ryan and I were about 5'6' tall, skinny, with longish brown hair and green eyes. We both kind of liked being called brothers since neither of us had one. We both had older sisters but they were in college already.

It did not take long before a friendship developed between us. We spent almost all of our free time together. After a couple of weeks, Ryan invited me to sleep over at his house. We spent that first night together staying up really late just laying around in our underwear talking and really getting to know each other. A strong bond was forming between us. As time went by we became even closer. We became more physical with each other often wrestling or tickling. When watching TV or a movie we would sit very close together and cuddle. This was not odd for either of us because we both came from very 'touchy feely' families. About six months later I was well into puberty as was Ryan. I could tell because I noticed that he had hair growing under his arm pits and on his legs, just like me. I also started feeling different about him. I couldn't explain it but when we were together, especially when cuddling watching a movie, I would get a very weird feeling in my stomach and would often get a hardon. He was also acting differently around me so I suspected he was experiencing the same feelings!

My 14th birthday was coming up. Mom asked me if I wanted a party with a bunch of kids from my new school. I told her no that I would rather just have Ryan go out to dinner with us and sleepover. She said that would be ok. So we went out for dinner and after cake and ice cream Ryan and I headed downstairs to watch a movie. We had an awesome finished basement with a comfy couch and a big screen tv. We started by sitting on opposite ends of the sofa when the movie started. About half way through I asked Ryan if he wanted some pizza rolls. He said that sounded great. We went upstairs and put them in the oven. I was relieved that my parents had already gone to bed. We took them down stairs and instead of sitting on opposite ends of the couch, we sat very close to each other so we could share. We ate them pretty fast. I got up to get the plate out of the way and then sat back down next to Ryan. We were now sitting so close that I could feel his hairy bare leg against mine. He made no effort to move it away. We continued watching the movie and Ryan rests his head on my shoulder. I started getting those feelings again so I put my arm around his shoulder and pulled him in closer. What I had hoped would happen was starting to happen! I had secretly hoped that something might happen with Ryan tonight. I had been jacking off for a while now and always thought of Ryan when doing it. Thinking about the two of us together naked playing with each other's dicks. I started rubbing his chest through his t-shirt. His breathing changed and I could feel his heart beating faster. He put his hand on my inner thigh and started gently rubbing it. My dick was getting hard! 'Why don't you take off your shirt and get more comfortable?' I quietly ask.

'Why don't you take it off for me?' Ryan says with a sexy tone in his voice.

With that I pull off his t-shirt exposing his smooth boy chest with just a bit of hair under the arms and the beginnings of a treasure trail disappearing into his pants. Without asking he pulls my shirt off too and then cuddles in close. I put my arm back around him and he puts his hand back on my inner thigh. Soon the movie is forgotten. I start rubbing his bare chest and he mine. Our eyes lock and we lovingly gaze deep into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever. A strange new electricity filled the air. Ryan's hand glides down my chest to my stomach and he traces my treasure trail right down to the top of my shorts. My stomach is all a flutter. I had never experienced anything close to this. Then he leans in giving me a quick kiss before softly whispering in my ear 'Why don't you take off your pants?'

'Why don't you take them off for me?' I eagerly reply.

Ryan awkwardly undoes the button and unzips my shorts. I lift my butt a little so he can easily take them off. I then take his off too. Again we stare into each other's eyes and bring our lips together. As we kiss our hands begin to explore each other's privates through our underwear. I had never dreamed that it would go this far, but was glad it was. I slid my hand under the waistband of his underwear and for the first time felt his throbbing boner and nice bush. He followed my lead and did the same to me. 'Let's get naked!' I coo into his ear.

Without saying a word we both yank off each other's underwear. We are now both naked looking at each other as we had never before. Ryan grabs my dick and starts to slowly stroke it and I do the same to his. We start kissing again which makes us both harder than we already were. It was as if we were one! Soon we are out of control, lost in our lust for each other. 'I've been thinking about this for a while!' Ryan moans.

'Me too! I've wanted to be with you for soooo long!' I gently say.

'I love you!' Ryan exclaims.

'I love you too!' I happily reply.

We continue to kiss and stroke each other for as long as we can. Our hearts are beating fast, as one. All the sudden our breathing changes as our orgasms build. We break our kiss and look down as we both begin to cum. We both watch in amazement as we make each other cum. Knowing we had brought each other such pleasure was so cool! After we were both spent, we hugged tightly and kissed deeply, both relishing in the afterglow of what had just happened.

That night we zipped our sleeping bags together and made them one, just as we were now one. We stayed up late that night, just like the night of our first sleepover. Only now we were naked, kissing, and sharing all of our sexual thoughts and desires. We made love a couple more times that night and again in the morning. The bond between us was now tighter than ever. Not only were we the best of friends but we were now lovers!

We are both now in college and still together sharing an apartment. We have told our parents that we are gay and together! Neither set of parents was surprised. They said they had suspected something since we were both about 15!



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