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Mutual Party

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Best night of my life!


I am a late bloomer. I only startes masturbating about 5 months ago so I was intriggued when my friend invited my over for a party where he said we were going to do 'masculine' things.
On the night of the party I went to my friend's house and he said that everyone was already in the basement and that they were waiting for me. He also said his parents had gone out for the night and weren't going to be home til tomorrow morning.
When I got downstairs the lights were all dimmed and I could roughly see the outlines of naked bodies lying around the room. My friend said that it was okay, because I must have looked shocked, and told me to get more comfortable as well so I started to strip down. As I was getting undressed my friend undressed as well and got the other guests around in a circle. I joined the circle as he went to the corner of the room and returned with five jars of vaseline. By this time everyone in the circle, about six people, had raging hard-ons and were trying to conceal them. My friend got in next to me, making the circle 7, and handed jars in both directions telling everyone to take some in their hand. As I was one of the first to get the vaseline I was able to observe the other guests while they were all getting their vaseline.
I had never seen so many penises before in my life some were short and fat others were long and skinny, some hairy some shaved, cut and uncut just a variety. Mine added to the mix being six inches long, cut, and hairy all over.
My friend told us all to lube up are pricks as best we could and to turn to our right. We all did and then he told us to loosen our asses up with our fingers and be ready for some action. He then directed us to shove our dicks into the person infront of us's ass hole. We all miraculouly agreed. It was a little hard at first to get the right angle but after that it was smooth sailing. My friend's prick was up my ass and he was pulling it in and out at a steady pace. My hard-on was pulsing in and out of the person in front of me very slowly giving my penis lots of pressure.
I knew people all around me were cumming because they had stopped humping and had pulled out. Only my friend and I were left. He then started to pump faster and faster, and harder and harder until his prick head was banging against the back of my ass and his balls were rubbing against my ass hole. He then came in my ass and it felt so good I had stopped humping the person infront of me but then I came after my friend was done with me.
My friend then announced it was time for a 5 minute break and then we would get started again. During the break we got ourselves cleaned up. After the break we got in the circle again but in a different order. My friend passed around the vaseline again and we al got lubed up. We were then told to grab the person to the left of us's balls and the person to the right of us's cock. We then started the stroking and the squeezing.
This was the best feeling of my life. Seeing all of those sweaty boys getting and giving a handjob. My hand was sliding up and down about a 4.5 inch cock so I didn't have much to work with so I started to trace around the rim of his head. With the other hand I was squeezing balls and pressing on the boy's ass hole.
My friend decided to make a rule about now. The first 4 people who came had to be the sex slaves for the rest of the group. I was luckily the last to cum so I got two of the slaves. So for the rest of the night and well into the morning I had a continous blowjob and ass humping which inturn gives me a continous orgasm for about 9 hours.



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