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Mutual Masturbation W/ Friends Older Brother

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luv the site and the many awesome stories. glad to see -- girls get a place to share solo fun tales.


Anyway, the events of the following tale happened about just over a year ago (i had just turned 13).
Lil background 'solo' info 4 ya 1st tho -- i started touching my special area (as my sister told me it was called. At that time i was like 9 and didn't think of or know bout self fun or sex 4 that matter. So, after i heard my sis talkin about it with her friend oneday - i went and asked some 'sexual ?'s' (she was in college and i figured she know lots. Well - after that i never really tried 'touching myself' til i was about 11 or 12 yrs old. I was in the bath and the shampoo bottle floated into my lil pussy lips and i felt a weird feeling go through me. Then i started doing that during every daily bath.
When i was 12 (3 months short of turning 13) - i had my closest friend, Mandi, spend the night. Anyways - when we went to my room that night 4 bed - we started talking bout boys and the other usual girl stuff. She asked me if i had ever played with myself b4. I said i had and she admitted that she 2 had, and almost daily. She told me some ways that she 'got off'. Well - we played together that night a cpl times, then fell asleep. The next morning b4 getting out of bed - we did it again to ourselves and she asked if i'd allow her to rub me. i said sure and she did.......... it felt great and i did her too. We shared many fun times after that wknd.
Then one day - at school, Mandi & i were in the lil girls room between classes and she said she had some 'Fun' with her cousin the night b4 and started to tell me about it. She said something about -- stickin fingers inside each other and 'eating out' each other. I had no idea what she meant - so she said to meet her after school at her house and she'd show me.
So, i raced home after school and got my bike and rode to Mandi's house. When the door opened, her brother answered. I asked if Mandi was in yet, but he said she wasn't and i could wait for her. Everytime i had been 2 her place b4 this -- i'd always catch her bro checkin me out. HE was 16. On this particular day - i guess he thought i looked hot or something -- as i could see a definate boner in his shorts. He saw me staring and said; 'well well - can't take your eyes of my groin, can ya!' I started to blush and turned away. Then he looked over and said; 'OK, i'll show you my cock -- if u agree to show me your body!'
Well - he got up and in a few swift moves was totally naked and his huge cock was stickin up like a flagpole when he sat down again....i'd say like 7 or 8 incher! Anyway - he turns to me and says; 'k, i showed u- your turn now!' So, i got up and slowly pulled off my shirt to reveal my small tits in the tiny bra. I then undid and pushed off my shorts til they were on my feet and stepped out. I looked over and he was watching me, jerkin his big cock. I stood there watching him jerk off for a long time - til i came out of the trance when he said;'oh looks as if you are getting all worked up...you have been rubbing your puss through your undies and there's a big wet patch on your panties!' I looked down and saw the wetness and shyed away. He then says - come sit beside me. So, i did and he took my hand and placed it on his manhood and put his hand ontop of mine and jerked his cock a few times. After that - as he undid my bra and looked at my tit mounds while jerkin - i started to play with my very wet pussy by stickin a hand down my panties. We sat there for the longest time and he sorta tenced up and like a lot of white creamy stuff shot out of his dick. I kept workin on myself and sorta felt this tingly feeling rip through me and it felt as if some juice or wetness came out of me. That's when he came over and kinda sat on my lap and began to kiss me, we broke and he was like - 'u have no idea - how many times i have thought of havin you.....sex that is!' he fondled my tit mounds again and we began to kiss. He eventually slid his member into me - but didn't get it all in (i was too small 4 him) and by this time 2 - Mandi walked in. He got off me and i ran like hell to Mandi's room and was so embarressed when she came in. She walked over and said; 'it's ok, Leigh - i am not bothered by what you 2 were doing......... hell - i have been sexed by him many times!'
I stopped crying and she says; 'well well, looked - you are already for what i wanted to show you - so i will join u and get naked.' She did and she was hot - nice body, tits that were perkier then mine and more groin hairs 2. She told me to lay on her bed and she knelt down by my feet and said; 'k, so like what part u wanna know about ...... the 'eating out' or the 'fingering'. I said; 'well - both i guess!' She pulled my legs up til my knees were bent w/ feet on the bed and pushed my thighs apart and lowered her heard into pussy zone and went at it. As soon as her tongue touch me, i felt like a river was flowing though me - she looked up and without stopping said; 'holy crap - girl, u r damn wet 4 this being yur 1st time.' She did me til i felt that wave of total pleassure come over me, then she stuck 2 fingers in me and slid them in and out. We swapped places and i both went down on her and fingered her 2 til she came.
We were so into it - that we hadn't noticed her bro in the door watchin us & jerkin off til he cleared his throught and said; 'holy shit - 2 girls going at it.........my dreams do come true and walked in and sat on the bed. Well - one thing led to another and the 3 of us did stuff to each other and he screwed us both.
After that day -- he & i got together a cpl other times. Then he was sent off to some boarding school in another state. But - Mandi and i had lots of Solo & mutual 'FUN' 2gether after that and still do to this very day!
I still think about all the fun times that her bro and i had and always find myself rubbing my pussy to those thoughts.
Cum on girls -- NE1 got tales like this to share!



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