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Mutual Masturbation Experiences

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True story of first masturbation with another person


The story I'm going to tell you is true, and an experience I still look back on with fondness. Though I consider myself basically straight, I've always seemed to have a certain amount of curiousity about other guys. One afternoon when I was about 15, I was at my best friend's house. His parents were not at home and it was not long before our conversation turned to sex, as it so often did. He mentioned that his father kept some 8mm movies(this was in the 70's)with some good action in them that he had gotten out to look at before when no one was around. I talked him into getting their projector out and showing them. As we watched the movies on the wall of his bedroom, we both became hot. That was the first movie of it's type I'd seen, and my cock got as hard as a brick almost immediately. It felt like it was in a bind in my pants, so I just had to pull it out. We had spent enough nights together over the years and had seen each other naked enough times that I was not embarrased to do so. Besides, my buddy already was rubbing his hard-on thru his jeans and I was beginning to think about him in a different light lately, I was kind of hoping he would decide to bring his out too. Though I had seen it before, this was the first time I'd WANTED to see it. He noticed how hard I was and suggested we compare the size of our dicks. I gladly agreed! He pulled out his cock and we stood up facing each other with our cocks alongside each other's. His was slightly longer, but that was not what was on my mind at that point. The feel of his dick right next to mine was overwhelmingly nice. I was so afraid of what he might think of what I was thinking if he knew it. As it turned out, I didn't need to worry at all. He playfully laughed and thumped his cock against mine. I laughed and backed off slightly, allowing the heads of our cocks to touch and we rubbed our cockheads together for a few seconds. The feeling was so hot my dick felt like it was on fire. I couldn't stand it any longer and by this point it was plain that he felt much the same as I did. I opened my hand and re-closed it around both of our pulsing members, and I noticed his sharp intake of breath. His dick felt so good next to mine in my hand, I could feel our pulse in both of them. I relaxed my grip on his, and sat back on his bed as he sat across from me. I watched him stroke his cock as I fiercely rubbed mine. I thought about how I wanted to do more with him. I thought about my early teen years when I had been flexible enough to bend over and take my own cockhead into my mouth at times. I had always enjoyed the taste and feel of my cock against my lips and tongue. I had never been able to cum in my mouth but had tasted my own pre-cum and cum on many occasions. I knew if I ever had the opportunity with someone that I trusted, I would suck their cock if given a chance. I wanted to be able to experience what I couldn't with myself, taking a cock fully into my mouth and feeling it throb and explode a load of warm cum into my mouth. I sensed that this might be my opportunity. I tentatively reached across to my friend. As I did he took his hand away, allowing me free access to my dream. I leaned forward with his beautiful member in my hand. He leaned back as if to welcome me. I think he knew what was coming. As my face came closer to his cock, I noticed the same familiar smell as my own but this was different! This was not mine I was about to taste! I savored my first tentative lick on his cockhead. Emboldened by lust, I took his cock into my mouth and closed my lips around the head. Damn, it was sooo sweet to me! He groaned and arched his hips forward. I took the hint and allowed all of his hardness to slide into my mouth. I started a slow, rhythmic stroke on his cock with my mouth, savoring his taste and hardness and I doubt it was more than 30 to 40 seconds when he loudly groaned again. I felt his dick tense and swell up further in my mouth. I knew what was coming so I instinctively pulled my mouth back off of his cock a little. I wanted to feel it fill my mouth with its load. He arched his hips forward with several quick thrusts and I felt his cum spraying into my mouth. The taste of his cum was very pleasing. After a little bit, I had to swallow some because my mouth was full, but it was ok. His cum tasted just as sweet as my own. He smiled at me in a goofy way and said 'Thanks', his face red as a beet. He leaned toward me and said, I guess it's my turn now, huh? I gladly leaned back and accepted his offer, but truth be known I had already done what I had longed to do! He seemed to enjoy doing me every bit as much as I had him though and his efforts were soon rewarded by my own cum splashing into his mouth. It was great! The shame of it was, we never had another episode of friendy loving between us again. We remained best of friends until growing up and going our separate ways, but the subject of that encounter never even came up again except for once. He made a casual reference to it one time years later after we were both married. We slyly smiled at each other, our faces red with embarassment, and the topic of conversation shifted elsewhere. I think back and am thankful for that experience and sometimes think that I'd like to enjoy that again sometime. Maybe there will be another opportunity one day.....



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