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Mutual Masturbation

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I hope for more episodes like this.


During the week between Christmas and New Year's Day I abstained from masturbation to orgasm and my wife and I didn't have sex, which isn't surprising because of the busy time of the year. Christmas had been good to my wife and she was very grateful to me. I had been reading stories on Solo Touch for the entire week and was really horny as I had been masturbating but never quite going over the edge. I had been fantasizing about getting my wife to jack me off, something that she had done rarely in our long marriage. One night we were taking a bath before bed and I asked her to 'wash' me after she left the tub. She took this literally and soaped up my hard cock and gave it a couple of quick strokes, just making me hornier. Nothing happened that night, but she told me that we would have sex the next night as she was tired. I agreed, but I had a plan.

The next night rolled around and I still hadn't gotten myself off. I reminded her of the sex promise and she went off to wash beforehand. At this point in the story I would like to say that my wife and I have great sex when we have it, which is only about once every two months. She is a worrier and lets everything in the world stand in the way of her pleasure. She also tends to fantasize about other men when we have sex, something that makes her feel bad but doesn't bother me at all. Nevertheless, it keeps her from wanting sex as much as I do. Strangely, she has real issues with me masturbating, as I have told in another story so I don't let her know when I do it. This night when she came to bed I told her that I wanted something different and asked her to sit cross-legged on the bed as I was. I told her then that I wanted her to jerk me as I fingered her pussy - no intercourse. She agreed, but I could tell she thought something was up and then she asked, 'What have you been reading?' This isn't uncommon because she always suspects me of reading something about sex and looking at porn. I told her that I had been thinking about the other night in the tub and just wanted to finish what she had started. I started kissing her and sucking on her nipples, which are lovely and hard on her firm breasts. I put her hand on my cock and started fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. She doesn't get nearly enough sex so it wasn't long before she couldn't concentrate on jacking me off and stopped and put an arm around my neck while I rubbed her pussy. After about five minutes of this she started cumming and had what seemed like a great orgasm, thrusting on my fingers and hanging on for all she was worth around my neck.

Fingering her always really turns me on so when I was finished I had a raging hard-on. I leaned back and told her that I would love it if she would simply jack me off until I came. She looked into my eyes with that look of lust that only a good cum will bring and told me that she would. I told her to go slow and make it last and gave her a bottle of lubricant to use. Her hands are much smaller than mine so I always find that the sensations are so much different. I told her to pay attention to the 'banjo string' on the underside of my cockhead and showed her how to stroke it. I was leaking precum like mad by now and she settled in to jacking. I was talking to her and mentioned in the moment that I thought of her when I jacked off. She almost stopped at that moment but kept on stroking with long smooth strokes, occasionally grasping my cock and playing with the 'banjo string' with her thumb. I was loving every minute of it, looking at her beautiful body, her 34H tits and lovely pussy. And that look in her eyes! I soon got to the breaking point and started actively trying not to 'squeeze' which seems to hold my orgasm off a little longer. It was tough to hold off and finally I said 'I am cumming!!' and my prostate and muscles clenched tight. I shot the first wad just over my shoulder onto the bed, the next two on my stomach and the rest just lept up out of my cock and onto my wife's hands. She got up to clean up and I laid there and tried to compose myself. After a while I got up and followed her to the bathroom. At this point I asked her how she liked it and thanked her. She said, 'I was a little shocked to find out you jacked off once a week, but I guess I shouldn't expect you not to.' I had obviously lied, as I jack off more often than that but I didn't want to piss her off. All in all, a great experience. I am next going to buy a flexible vibrator for her and talk her into getting herself off with it. I will post when I have that story.



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