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Mutual Masturbation

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Masturbation is a big part of the sex play my girlfriend and I participate in. It's mostly used to get each other in the mood. Sometimes it's fun to jerk off to the point of ejaculation and let her finish me with her mouth. Or sometimes I'll hold off and wait 'til she's about to cum and penetrate her right at the point of no return.

Other times she sucks on my balls or my nipples while watching me jerk off. We both feel we're equally turned on by the sight of another person doing the nasty by themself.

Sometimes we lie next to each other in bed and watch each other go to town. I'm especially turned on by female masturbation when they use their fingers, hump something, or use the showerhead. I love how she quickly massages her clit in circular motions... She's also shared with me a technique she used as a kid-humping a big stuffed bear. I guess those plastic noses are great. And of course in the shower, I love to use the showerhead massager on her. She'll use it on me too, but mostly on the glans of my penis or my asshole. The balls are sometimes too sensitive for that-espcially when using the pulsating setting. In fact, it kinda hurts my balls on that setting.

Yesterday, I showed her a technique I did when I was younger. I would throw on a condom and slide my penis in and out of the gap between the mattress and box spring. She kept commenting how hot that looked and if she had a cock she would do the same thing! She knealt behind me and pressed herself against me. I could feel her rock hard nipples on my back, and her bush tickling my bum with each stroke. She reached around me and began frantically rubbing my nipples. I love having my nipples stimulated while my cock is getting some loving. Guys, try it!

Finally, I love to stroke my cock against my girlfriend's feet. We'll do this in the tub or the bedroom. It feels so good. In the bedroom, she'll sit naked at the end of the bed. I'll sit on the floor beside her in such a way, that she's practically sitting on my shoulders. She then strokes my cock with her feet. All the while, she'll rub my nippes and press her wet pussy against the back of my neck. I'll cum so hard, that sometimes it flies up and hits her!



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