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Mutual Masturbation

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This Story is about my first encounter with a girl my age and mutual masturbation.


Last year, age 15, I was in the park with some friends. Tammy, age 14. Susan, age 14 and Janis who was the youngest at 13. We were giggling walking about till we got to the playgrounds. We gathered around under a tree and started talking about boys and other girls and after a while Susan and Janis took off leaving me alone with Tammy. Tammy was wearing a pair of terrycloth shorts that looked to be big on her and a T-shirt cut off under her breast which were small but pointed like mine. As we sat on the grass talking she kept opening and closing her legs. When she opened them I would get a view of her smooth slit. No panties..

The talk got around to sex. I am too young to think about boys and told her so. Tammy said she liked boys but not for sex. She asked me if I ever masturbated. I would have right there, if she only knew. Lowering my syes I said yes. Tammy said she did every chance she had and then said she felt like doing it now. I did not know what to say. I just looked at her and said, 'Tammy there are people around you. We would be seen.'

I could feel myself getting wet and looked around to see if anyone was looking. When I turned back around I found Tammy had sliped her hand inside her shorts and was touching her pussy. She looked so hot. I was amazed at how atractive she was and how my body was reacting. I slowly brought my hand down to my pussy and slid my finger along my now wet slit. Tammy was watching me and said. 'Oh Chelsea you're so pretty.' I took my other hand and reached up to pinch my pointed nipples. Tammy now had a finger inside her pussy and I could see her wetness. She was sliding her finger in and out. For some strange reason I desired this girl. I wanted to touch her.

I said. 'Lets go to my house. My mom is at work and we will have three hours'. I live close to the park. With that we took off. When we got to my house we went right up to my room. I got on the bed and Tammy sat facing me. She started touching herself again and I started touching myself. Watching her was getting me totally hot and I got off the bed and started taking my clothes off. When I was naked I got back on the bed and leaned back against the head board and spread my legs wide. I reached down and slid a finger in my pussy. I wanted Tammy to see it all. She kept saying 'ohh..hot..' and other words I have never used. She stopped and removed her clothes and I watched her with a feeling I never felt before. When she got back on the bed she sat between my legs pinching her nipples and watching me.

I could not keep my eyes off her pussy. It was so beautiful. I wanted to touch it. I stopped touching myself and reached out to touch her. My fingers found her smooth slit and slipped inside. Her whole body shook as my fingers worked on her clit. I felt Tammy's fingers on my pussy and we lay there fingering each others pussies. We fingered each other to many orgasms. After which I got bold and licked my fingers that were coated with Tammy's cum . It was a pleasent taste and smell and I found myself wanting to kiss her. I put my arms around Tammy and kissed her. She kissed me back and I slipped down and planted a kiss right on her smooth slit. We took a quick shower, lots of playing, and she went home.

She called me that night to tell me that we were now special friends and that she loved me very much. Also that she wanted me to come spend a night with her. Thats another story..

Because I share everything with my mom I told her about my experience. Mom said she had a special girl friend too when she was in school. She said it's only natural. I am so glad I have a understanding mom who is open to such things. I feel sorry for those who don't and either get punished or made fun of.



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