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Mutual Massage With Brother

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In my senior year in high school, my little brother and I started giving each other back massages at home. He's one year younger than me and it was innocent enough, as we'd flirt and giggle.

One day he suggested we remove our shirts and I flatly said no way. He kept asking and I relented, but told him not to touch my bra. He had such soft skin and I was surprised how nice it felt to massage his back. He was so tanned and had no hair on his back or chest. He massaged me and I demanded that he stayed away from anywhere near my bra.

The next time we decided to give each back massages while mom and dad were out and the house was empty. He really didn't want to do it, as he wanted to go over to his friend's house to play video games. I told him we would hurry and we could take our shirts off. That got his attention.

I massaged him first and when I got done with his back I started doing his legs. Without saying a word to each other I unbuttoned his pants while he lay on his tummy and then slipped off his jeans. This was no easy feat, as they were very tight. He lay there in his tight white undies, as I finished the back of his legs. I told him to turn over and did his hairless chest. I really couldn't tell much about his package and it was difficult to tell if he was hard or not, but I did check it out! I did the front part of his legs and feet.

Then it was my turn. I took off my shirt and lay down on my tummy. He gave me a good back rub and then asked if he could touch my bra. I told him he could, but at first he didn't touch it. Then he got braver, moving the white bra straps and then placing them back where they had been. Finally, he got bold and just touched the entire back of my white bra, massaging me underneath it. He must have liked that because he spent a lot of time at that same spot.

After a while, he figured out how to unclick my bra. As he did I froze, not knowing what to do. He kept massaging and then fastened the bra back again. Then he undid it again and repeated massaging the exposed skin. Again he did it back up, before repeating it four times. By now I was trembling with excitement and undid the bra myself. Then I slipped it out from underneath me, throwing it on the bed room floor.

After an awkward moment he kept massaging and worked his way down to my pants and legs. It felt wonderful but I did not know what was gong to happen. He finished and asked now what. I asked him if I should turn over, and he said yes. I turned over, letting him stare at my breasts and tummy. He then touched them uncontrollably with his hands. I was so wet and terrified at the same time.

I unbuttoned my pants and he grabbed them along with my underwear, slipping them off in one very quick motion. He got them wrapped up at my ankles, needing to untangle everything before completely removing them and throwing them on the floor. He immediately started to touch my pubic hair and then started to lick my pussy, like he didn't know what he was doing.

I grabbed his shoulders and said, 'No, we can't do this!'

He stopped and said, 'Okay.'

I then said, 'Do you rub your penis? Lets just rub together.'

He replied, 'Okay.'

He slipped down his underwear, taking them off. His penis was about seven inches long, rather thin, with a tan head and light brown pubic hair. Without realizing what he was doing again he started to masturbate rapidly, bending over a little bit with his eyes glued between my breasts and pussy.

I started rubbing my pussy while we both stared at each other.

He asked, 'How about we just taste each other, just for five seconds? That way it won't be like we're actually doing anything.'

It sounded reasonable at the time and I said, 'Okay, but I will count.'

I began to count using one Mississippi, two Mississippi. As I counted he let go of his penis, got on his tummy and started to eat me out again. He was licking everything in site. I slowly counted up to five. He then stood up by the bed and I got up to a sitting position. I took his erect penis in my hand and it felt good, so I put in into my mouth. He started counting to five quickly and I was surprised that his penis tasted unexpectedly good.

After he got to five, he said, 'One more time?'

'Okay.' I replied and he ate me out for another five seconds, before I sucked his penis for five seconds. I then suggested we do 69 for five seconds just to be sure. He laid on the bed and I got on top of him. We continued to 69 for many minutes longer than five seconds.

I got off him and he said he was about to cum. I stood up in my bedroom and masturbated, while watching him stroke his cock on my bed. It was such a rush, being so naughty that I came immediately and my hands were glistening with liquid.

He then came and to my surprise aimed his penis at his face. He was arching his back and head, so he was able to catch most of his cum in his mouth. It was obvious he had much practice doing this and I found it was unbelievable. After a short while, he scrambled briskly out of my room, taking his clothes and not even saying a word to me.

Later in the kitchen, he angrily said that if I ever told anyone he came into his mouth, he would never forgive me. I told him he should be more worried about what we did together and no one would care that he is able to shoot semen into his own mouth. I told him we should not tell anyone what we did and it was a one-time deal. I also promised I would never tell about his semen eating anyway.

He sort of melted right there and got a little teary eyed. He then gave me a huge hug that lasted for several minutes. I whispered to him that I was glad we'd done it, even for one single time. He said he agreed.

Shortly after that, he started a long string of girl friends. I have always wondered if the girls he has been with have ever seen him cum in his mouth. We've not spoken or hinted of this in any fashion, but have remained close over the years and love each other. There was no damage to either of us that I'm aware of.

I masturbated to the memories of that day for many, many years.



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