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Mutual Fun

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The wonders of mutual masturbation


I always fancied my aunt who is younger than my mom. i always masturbated thinking of her even to this day. Anyway, she is married with no kids she's 37, believe me she doesn't look her age at all. And I know she does have a soft spot for me too. It's just the way she looks at me. when she visits our home its always a happy day for me, just by getting to look at her walking around.

I was 19 back then when this happened. The day she came to my house, she was wearing a dark blue dress quite short just above her knees. and I could see her white bra strap on the side of her shoulder. Guess what, I started building my bulge immediately inside my tracks. She said she had to check some emails on my moms laptop and went to her room giving me a cheeky little smile. My mom had gone to pick up little sister from school. I really wanted my fantasies to come true that day.

She was in the living room with my moms laptop and I went to my room, and I said aunt Kath, please knock on my door if you need anything. She replied saying will do indeed son.(again with that cheeky smile) After a while she knocked on my door and asked what I'm doing in there with the doors locked. I said nothing much...when I was really rubbing my cock to some dirty pics....she knew what I was up to.

She asked me to come out of my room and to have a chat. So I did. I sat right in front of her, where I can see a full view of her hot shaven legs. Then the words were spoken.

Kath: so what what were doing in your room hah?

Me: nothing much aunt Kath just browsing through the internet

Kath: yeah well I was doing the same in here...

Me: what do you mean?

Kath: come here let me show you something

Me: wow what are you looking at. I didn't know you like looking at men this way.(only I knew she was a horny little bitch)

Kath: Don't be a baby now....show me what you like looking at?

Me: I really don't know what you mean aunt Kath.

Kath: com'on now I can see the bulge in your pants I'm sure your leaking just like me.

Me: well yes a little...(I was dripping pre-cum out of me so much)

Kath: I'll show you how wet I am, if you show me what you are hiding in there.

She opened her legs wide and I could see how wet she was through her light blue panties...her juices were dripping out of her panties to her thighs. That moment I felt a little string of juice come out of my penis, I took down my pants, she was surprised to see how wet I was, thick strings of clear pre-cum oozing out of me. She said...wow that's what I really love to see...nothing turns me on better that a young boys pre-cum like this.

She grabbed my dick and started rubbing the tip of my dick with her fingers. I said I wanna see yours too aunt. She didn't hesitate at all, she spread her legs apart on the couch and asked me to watch closely. She slid her panties aside....wow the sight of that wanted me to bury my face in there. But she said watch me dear..she was soaking wet, her juices were clear and thick...looks really yummy. Her pussy was shaved with a thin line of hair. My face was inches away from her pussy when she opened up her dripping hole dipping two fingers inside scooped out her juices and let me taste it. Wow it tasted something salty and sweet at the same time...I love the taste. Then she kept feeding me her wetness. I so wanted to lick her...but she wouldn't let me.

She said let's masturbate together...I was waiting for that...in a sec I had my pants totally down my pre-cum oozing out like a river...when she took all of it on her hands and started licking...I wanted to cum right on her face. She was fingering looking at me stroking my hard cock. We were both moaning. She kept tickling her clit while her juices poured out of her.

I was stroking so hard. I could see her hips moving when she said...keep doing that babe...I'm getting close to cumming. Those words made me cum so hard I jizzed all over her and myself and all over the floor. She was moving her hips so fast and started moaning...baby I'm cumming so hard as she spread her legs even wider as she came. Her hole opened up and juices kept cumming out of her hole. I couldn't help myself, I jumped up and licked all of it...I could not stop licking her soaking pussy.....when she said don't stop baby...and came again on my face letting out a loud moan.

That was the only time we did anything. I never saw her tits. Although I picture her totally naked everytime I masturbate to her.



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