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Mutual Discovery of the Best Kind

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It just happened, the first time. We made it happen again many times after that.


I'm Diane, and he's my brother Duane. I'm 18 and he's 16 now. A few years ago, before we knew about anything sexual, we used to fight and wrestle a lot. This time we had been swimming and had just come into the house wearing our wet swimsuits. Mine was a bikini.

I teased him about something and the usual wrestling match broke out. He eventually had me pinned on my back. He was sitting on my hips and holding both my wrists to the floor. As I struggled to free my hands, I tried extending my arms above my head which stretched him out as he held on. Even after my arms were straight and spread as far as I could, he didn't let go. But he was leaning way over holding on. He couldn't hold his body up any more and collapsed onto me, front to front with his head right next to mine.

He just lay there, on top of me and I laid under him, both of us laughing and panting, too exhausted to continue struggling. He started rocking slightly. I could feel his hips kind of pushing against mine then backing off.

I said "what are you doing" and he said "I don't know but it feels good". I said "Me too." He kept going. He let go of my wrists and put his arms on the floor and tucked his hands under my shoulders and curled his fingers around the top of my shoulders. I had nowhere to put my arms so I just wrapped them around his body. It felt so natural to do that.

His hips kept on grinding against mine, harder and faster. His legs had been straddling mine but somehow he brought them together and worked them in between my legs which I spread open. His crotch was grinding directly against my own through my bikini bottom. Neither of us knew at the time that we were in a missionary position.

We kept going for a short while longer until suddenly he took in a huge breath and started grunting. All the while his crotch kept grinding on mine only much harder than before. It felt really good. I didn't want him to stop. While he was cumming (I didn't know at the time but that's what he was doing) I started feeling really good too. I mean really good. He stopped and rolled off me just when I was feeling so good I didn't want him to stop. My hand instinctively went to my crotch to keep the feeling going by rubbing my crotch. Right then and there it steadily built up stronger and deeper as I had my first orgasm right next to him.

When mine was over I said did that feel good for you too? And he said "it was unbelievable". He pulled out the waistband of his trunks to look at his crotch and it was all messy inside with his cum. He showed me and I looked in to see it smeared all over everything in there. I also saw his dick. It looked much bigger than other times when I saw it. We didn't know what the goop was and he said he hoped he didn't injure anything. I suspected it hadn't and told him so. I said "I just think we had sex or something".

He said he wanted to do it again. So I let him lay on me and we did it again. Only this time he came again but I didn't, but I masturbated and had a second orgasm after he got off me. He said both times felt good but the first one was the best. For me the second one was better.

Since then we repeated it many more times. We soon started doing it naked and after the first time naked we always did it that way. I love the feeling of his skin on mine. He loves it too.

A couple of years later when I started dating I knew what to do with my boyfriends and Duane always wanted me to tell him how it was, which I always did. We also confided in each other that we often masturbate when we are alone but he does it more than I do.

Now I'm off to college and he's a junior in high school. He is sexual with his current girlfriend. I have only been at college a few days and already started masturbating at school I already have a boyfriend here too. Guess what we do. My roommate is very accommodating. It's going to be a great year.



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