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The story about a girls Chem class partner gave me the courage to write this. Thank you!

It is all true, every word of it!


Oh, but puberty is a turbulent time, isnt it? And not just for girls. I feel sorry for boys, what with the spontaneous erections and the sometimes unbidden ejaculations leaving their stain on underpants and pants. I wonder how much easier it would be if sperm were powdered, activated only by a woman's wetness? Ah well.

For me, the whole puberty thing was later than usual. All my friends had started their periods by the time we were all 13, but I had to wait another two years. When I started to develop, it all happened really fast. Suddenly, I had bumps, then breasts, (very small ones, and they still are, but breasts, all the same.) Periods came in a rush too. Eight months of on one day, off the next, until they too, eventually settled down.

But for me, the big 'O' came at a price. As a medical student now, I understand the anatomy of it all, but since it still happens, to me, it doesn't help much. I know that during orgasm the entire pelvic floor contracts and becomes highly sensitive to stimulation. (That is why most girls like their ass touched, although some will never allow themselves this particular avenue of pleasure). But for me, the big problem was that when I come I pee. Always. No matter if I try to go to the bathroom immediately before I masturbate, it still happens. That is why up until last month, I was still a virgin. I could not bring myself to let myself cum to someone else's touch. Too embarrassing.

But my study partner helped. One night, in my room at Uni, we were talking, as girls do, about sex (I wonder if boys realise just HOW much we talk about sex?) I plucked up the courage to tell Jane about my problem. She laughed. She actually laughed! Then she said 'You silly thing. Don't you realise that it can be THE most sexy thing in the world? Some guys love it, and hell, admit it, doesn't it feel nice? Maybe just a bit?' I thought about it and I guess that yes, there is something about it. But it still left me with the problem of not being comfortable about it.

So the talk progressed into other areas of sex. Jane, it appears, likes sex outdoors, including masturbation, she likes anal sex but when she said 'My all time fantasy is to masturbate with another girl.' I realised that I was already more than a little turned on! Jane has a er, somewhat direct use of words, and dirty words have always made me horny. Maybe it was the fact that I felt really close to her having told her my secret, or maybe the wine, whatever, I said 'Well, I will if you will.'

The next thing we were sitting opposite each other, our legs spread. Jane had slipped her jeans off and I had my skirt up round my waist and we were just watching each other. Jane was clearly, I mean visibly wet. Her panties had a large damp patch, and I had my hand in mine.

Jane came quite fast, I thought, and I have to say, watching another girl cum is beautiful. Me? I just couldnt tip over. And I knew why. I was scared that I would pee. Jane came down from her orgasm and stood up, kicking her jeans across the room and led me by the hand to the bathroom, and told me 'Pee, Lisa.' I went to take my panties off but she stopped me. 'Trust me.' she said. She made me sit and then spread my legs wide. The next thing I knew was that she was kissing me, had her hand on my pussy over my panties and was talking to me. 'I know you like dirty words, you little slut, so I want to make you cum. Cum like the dirty little cunt you are, really, deep down. I want your cunt on my fingers.' Suddenly, I was there, BIG time. I came hard. Harder than you can possibly imagine.

Did I pee? Oh yes. Of course. But Jane did some things that I don't want to write about that made it feel ok.

We went to bed together that night. She made me cum countless times during the night and I DIDN'T pee! I just lost myself in orgasm after orgasm.

Several strange things though. One, I had NO lesbian feelings before that night. Two, when I lost my cherry, which was a lovely afternoon only a week later it was to Jane's boyfriend who, with her permission agreed to fuck me. Again, lots of cumming for me, NO pee!

That night, Jane came to my room, and we slept together again. It felt a little strange to let her finger me after her boyfriend had...well, you know.

So now, I feel liberated like never before. I can masturbate without peeing, but I also know and freely admit that when I do want to pee, it feels nice...naughty, somehow, but I now know that some people like it too. Jane does, and I figure that this is me. I would like a boyfriend when I graduate, I think, (too busy just now), but he will have to accept that I like what I like, as I will with him.

Jane has taught me about anal stimulation too. Again, this was an area I thought was no-go, but hell, it feels great.

Jane has taken away the one fear I had about sex. She made me feel good about my body, and in a way unlocked my sexuality.



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