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Musical Vibrations

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A friend of mine recently told me that she masturbates with vibrations. I thought this was odd and I asked, do you mean a vibrator? She said no, with vibrations from a subwoofer.

I was skeptical so I asked her to show me, and I was at her place already anyway so we went to her room and pointed to her subwoofer for her surround sound system and dragged it out.

It has a hole at the front of it where the air/vibrations for the subwoofer comes out and she turned it on, got the music ready on her computer as that's what it was connected to.

She asked if I wanted to try it, but I wanted her to show me first, so she took her pants off, sat down in front of the subwoofer with it close to her vagina and asked me to play the music.

I could feel the vibrations through my body as it was pretty low/loud whatever it was. She told me to have a look at her pussy, and while the music was pumping I could see it vibrating to the music, and I was getting slightly turned on by this.

She was getting wet really quick and soon asked me to pause it; that's when she finished herself off.

I was wondering why she didnt do it till she came. She said that it's not enough for her to get right off.

I was itching to find out how it felt so I took my pants off and asked her to play it. It was a different song this time and when it started I felt a rush of air on my pussy coming out from the subwoofer. I got goosebumps from it.

The music had a slow beat to it and I got a little closer and I noticed it would every so often suck air in as well, but mostly blew it out. I got within a a couple centimetres away from it and by this time the music was going at a fair pace, then without thinking I go right up to the woofer and put it right up to my pussy and grab onto it, she then turned the bass level up more and turned the music up. I could feel my vagina being sucked in and out so I grabbed it tighter. There was a momentary pause as she switched to a bass beat that was really fast and low and a few seconds of that really brought me up and then I came but I still held on for the intensity and orgasmed a couple times more in the next minute.

After I had finished you could see a circle around my pussy where the subwoofer had been.

I gave the subwoofer a bit of a wipe down and put it back for her

I was still tingling for about half an hour afterwards and I reckon I could of masturbated all day after that.

I asked my friend how much the subwoofer was as I really wanted to do that at home.

The one she had, the system cost a couple hundred $$ which was a bit much for me at the time, so she told me to go have a look around for sound systems that had a subwoofer like what she had, so next day I had a look around and about $60 later I had my own masturbation system.

I tested it out after connecting it up, which seemed like forever, and it wasn't as intense as my friend's one but it still got me going, and has a dial on the box itself to control the bass level (or vibra-meter as I call it)

Well it's rather quiet now, so it's time to put some music on if you catch my drift.



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