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There was a story a while back about a girl who used to get a lot of enjoyment from ogling her dumb but super-hot cousin. I didn't have a cousin but I did have a neighbour who used to drive me and my friends nuts when I was in my early teens.

He was a wrestler and body builder and was about 19 when I was 14. Just a hint of the thick muscles under a tight shirt or a view of the rock-hard arse in tight jeans used to get a long heartfelt phwoar-r-r-r from me and my friends Annette and Jayne. We used to call round to see his sister just to do some ogling. Once I caught him coming out of the shower in just a tiny towel. I almost fainted. After mumbling 'uh, gotta go' to my friends I pretty much sprinted back home for a wank, almost running into my dad as I lunged for the bathroom. My poor little pussy! I rubbed myself raw for a month. Aunty Liz asked if I had taken up horse riding, as I always seemed to be walking around bow-legged!

His sister used to say that the poor boy was really dumb and completely suggestible, you could get him to do anything. It didn't take long for Annette, the most evil (and horniest) of the three of us to suggest that maybe we could get him to 'show us his muscles, or maybe get him to show a few poses, you know cos we're really into bodybuilding haw haw!' The thought of getting to see that body without a shirt for a more prolonged period that the legendary post-shower magic-moment had me spraying my little knickers. And it looked like I wasn't the only one from the thigh-squeezing and lip-licking that was going on. Annette even went off to the bathroom, for a wank over her own idea, she admitted later!

The following day we spent ages trying to work up the courage to call him up and get him to come over, or rather daring the others to do it. Annette, of course, was the one whose pussy was mightier than her embarrasment, and soon enough, there he was in a small tomato red t-shirt that was far too small for him; his pecs were visible whenever he moved. Despite the fact that I'd almost wanked myself into a coma the previous night (...schlick, schlick schlick...maybe we'll get him to take off his pants! uh uh- I bet he wears a tiny fucking speedo bursting with a big, big dick.....uh uh uh) I was spraying my knickers in two seconds flat.

'So Listen, Paul, we're really interested in bodybuilding but we don't know huch about it', began Annette. Jayne and I nodded with deep sincerity. 'We're a bit hazy on the muscles and where they are.....'

'Sure' said Paul 'let me show you'

Either we were the luckiest girls in the world or Paul wasn't a dumb as we thought, maybe even thought it would be fun to clit-tease a few horny 14 year olds. Either way, off came the shirt.

All three of us gasped. I glanced at Jayne and Annette, who looked as if their tongues were about to hit the floor. There was the torso, the memory of which, even six months later, would often force me to leave class and run for the toilets..

By the time he was explaining the pectoral muscles, all three of us were absolutely aching for a wank. Annette's hand had dropped casually into her lap and her fingers were making what I assume she thought were unnoticeable movements. Jayne was squeezing her thighs rythmically. Jayne was the master of the 'handless wank' as she described it. 'Handy (haw, haw) when Mr Meadows's arse is in view'. Mr Meadows was our Maths teacher, about 25 and a total sex god.

I was in a dilemma. Maybe he would take off his jeans, but I really needed to get relief in the bathroom; I was sitting in a puddle that was threatening to turn into Lake Windermere. Then Annette, wonderful girl, said: 'What about the gluteous maximus, Paul. I've heard the name but don't know what it is' Paul was reaching for his belt, Annette and Jayne's eyes widening with joy, when.....

'I'm home Sarah, come down and help me with the groceries!'

Fuck. We scrambled to our feet, Paul not understanding what the fuss was about as he slowly pulled on his shirt.

'Gotta go' said a wide eyed, pink faced Jayne. 'Yeah, me too' said Annette; checking to see if Paul had turned around before making a circle with the finger and thumb of one hand and rapidly pumping two fingers of the other through it, while making a comical crossed-eyed tongue-lolling face. I laughed out loud. Paul turned around and Annette's hands dropped to her sides. Off she went for what would probably be a mind-blowing toss. I would have to wait. Shit.

10 long minutes of groceries and mother-chat till I could scamper back upstairs. Three seconds later I was perched on the toilet lid with my knickers and jeans round my ankles. 'Why is the toilet lid rattling like that' said my little sister through the door...



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