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Mums Friends On The Nude Beach

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Mums friends on a nude beach...


My mother was a hairdresser, so I grew up around a lot of women. All of which were very open when talking about sex. They often acted like I wasn't even there when they spoke openly about sex.

For my 18th birthday my mum decided to take me on a holiday to Australia. My auntie had moved there and it was a good excuse to go.

Two of my mums friends also came with us. They stayed in a hotel nearby. On the first day we all went to the beach.

I was very tall. I played sport so I was in fairly good shape. For some reason I was wearing a pair of blue Speedo's that day.

My cock is uncut and very thick. Packed into my speedo's. I wasn't embarrassed but I was aware of how it looked.

My mums friends - let's call them 'Pam' and 'Lynn' were in there late 30s.

They were both in bikinis. Pam had very large tits. I remember her nipples were hard and visible. I stole glimpses whenever possible.

Lynn was very slim and had long blonde hair. She had a thong bikini which I will never forget.

It was clear that I was getting an erection but neither said anything. My mum was aware that my bulge was growing but didn't bring it up.

We were open about sex and body issues. Everyone carried on sunbathing.

Pam and Lynn would always flirt with me. Even in front of my mum.

Mid way through the trip my auntie had asked my mum to cut her hair. Pam and Lynn said they had found a new beach and wanted to go. My mum said they could take me as I didn't want to hang around the house all day.

We drove down the coast and eventually got to a secluded beach. Pam lead the way down.

When we got to the sand I looked around. There was a few people scattered around the beach. Everyone was quite far away but I instantly saw that everyone was naked. My heart began to race.

Lynn noticed me looking around, she said 'don't worry, you don't have to get naked if you don't want to'. As she said that Pam took her bikini top off.

She had the biggest breasts I'd ever seen.

Pam and Lynn both laid down on their towels. Lynn was completely naked. Her pussy was waxed smooth.

I laid my towel down. I was in my speedo's and I could feel my cock swell. I wanted to take my speedo's off but something was stopping me. Pam suddenly said jokingly 'Are we gonna see that thing or what?'

I laughed with them. Pam continued 'I'll take my bottoms of if you take yours off. From what I can see already you shouldn't be embarrassed!'

Pam then took her bikini bottoms off. She had a neat triangle bush.

So with Pam and Lynn both watching I pulled my trunks off. My cock was semi erect. It looked thick.

Pam said 'bloody hell' then laughed. 'See nothing to be shy about'

We all laid there. My heart was pounding. I wanted to keep my cock semi hard so it looked big for Pam and Lynn. I would casually pull on it.

Lynn noticed. 'Do you need to play?' She said.

'No, no. Just adjusting' I said

Pam then said 'are we getting you hard?'

'Stop embarrassing him!' Lynn said.

Pam then said something that then sparked everything into action, 'I wanna see how big you get!'

My cock instantly rose to attention. Within seconds I had the hardest cock on the beach.

Pam then poured sun cream into her hands and said 'looks like those balls need emptying'.

She then grabbed my cock with both hands and started stroking. She pumped away. Pulling my foreskin back she concentrated on my swollen bell end. It was too sensitive. My body jolted. She gripped harder and kept going.

Lynn was watching everything. I heard her say 'Don't let him cum too quick!'

I saw she had her hand between her legs.

Pam kept working my cock. A naked man walked by. He was older and obviously wanted to see if he could join in. Pam and Lynn kept the attention on me. The man watched Pam as she milked my thick cock on the beach. He eventually walked away.

Pam kept keeping me on the edge until she eventually decided to make me cum. She held one hand at the base and used her other hand on the head of my cock. She made me shoot ropes of cum across the sand.

Even though my cock was still sensitive she kept stroking it. She made sure to get everything out.

We stayed out all afternoon and more happened.

I still jerk off to that holiday to this day.



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