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Mum's Best Friend : Carol

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All my life, my mum's best friend has been Carol, they are the same age, 53, and I've always fancied Carol, she's small, cuddly and busty, and can be quite flirty. All through my teenage years, she was one of my favourite masturbation fantasies, I would imagine her performing all sorts of sex acts on me during long wanking sessions.

Carol re-married a few years ago and moved away from the area with her new husband John, and I was delighted when my mum told me Carol and John were coming to stay with us for a few days. When they arrived, Carol had put on a bit of weight since I'd last saw her, not fat, but a little bit chubbier than I remembered her, and had had her hair cut short. She was still as sexy as ever to me though, and I was happy to move up to the attic and allow Carol and John to sleep in my bedroom while they were here. Partly, I must admit, because I'd discovered long ago that there was a small hole in the attic floor that gave you a great view of my bed. I'd checked it before and knew that as long as the hole was covered, by a mat, or maybe an eye, no light shone through and it was practically invisible from my bedroom.

On Carol and John's first night in my room, I watched through the hole, my heart pumping with excitement as I saw Carol strip and put on her nightgown for bed, but sadly she had her back to me throughout, although I still got turned on seeing her briefly in her black panties.

The second night they were here, I had gone over to a friend's house, and came back about 10pm. Mum, Carol and John were in the living room sharing a couple of bottles of wine. I chatted to them briefly then went up to the attic.

A while later, I heard Carol and John going into my room, and took my position lying on the floor, peering down through the hole. I watched them, flopping onto my bed fully clothed, cuddling and talking quietly for a few minutes, then kissing passionately. I began to get hard and slipped my shorts down, gently rubbing my stiffening cock. Carol and John continued kissing, then stood up and both took off their clothes. They lay back down on the bed, and at last, I got my long-desired first look at Carol naked. Her big boobs sagged down toward her belly, her pubic hair was thick and dark. John fondled her tits as she reached down and took his small penis in her hand. They kept kissing and feeling each other for a few minutes, then Carol looked down at John's cock. It was obvious he was having trouble getting hard, his willy lay shriveled in its nest of tangled greying pubic hair. She said something that I couldn't make out, and John turned onto his back, lying there with his penis still soft. Mine was rock hard now though, I was rubbing it slowly, trying not to cum too quickly. Carol too rolled onto her back, her boobs splaying out to the sides and a disappointed look on her face. I almost came on the spot when I saw her part her legs, reach down into her thick bush and rub her pussy. She kept it up for a few minutes, then raised her knees and orgasmed. John watched her, trying to rub some life into his dick, but it stayed soft, and eventually they went under the bedclothes and fell asleep. I had already ejaculated by this point, shooting long strands of sticky cum which I rubbed into my rapidly softening cock, then I fell asleep too.

The next day, Carol and John and my mum went out shopping, giving me the chance to go into my bedroom, sniffing the spot on the duvet where Carol had cum and having another wank, lying on the bed with a pair of Carol's used panties borrowed from her case over my face, breathing in the strong odour which was faintly unpleasant but tremendously arousing at the same time.

That night, I peeked through the hole again. John was able to perform this time, and I furiously masturbated to climax as I watched Carol being fucked by her husband.

The day after that was their last day at the house. I was determined to let Carol 'accidentally' see my dick before she left, so after I had a shower that morning, I decided to wait in the bathroom until I heard Carol come out of my room, then leave to walk up to the attic, and 'accidentally' let my bathrobe fall open. Unfortunately I misjudged things first time, I heard someone outside, threw open the bathroom door and strode out with my robe wide open, only to find it was my mum. Oops. She just rolled her eyes, gestured toward my penis and said 'for goodness sake, cover yourself up!'

I went back into a bathroom, and a few minutes later heard movement again. This time I timed it perfectly, walking out into the hallway as Carol was at the other side, facing me. My bathrobe 'fell' open on cue, and Carol looked down at my dick. She smiled, then looked me in the eye and walked toward me and pulled my robe shut, kissed me on the cheek and went in to the bathroom and locked the door. I ran up to the attic and wanked like I never have before, tugging furiously at my cock until I shot sperm all over my hands.

Later, Carol and John left, and I moved back into my bedroom, getting so hard that night when I realized my bedclothes smelled of Carol's perfume, that I had to wank yet again, grunting her name as I ejaculated.

A few days later, when tidying up in my room, I found a little surprise, under my bed was a pair of Carol's tights! I assume they got kicked under there by mistake when she got undressed one night, but I like to imagine she left them there for me. I've sniffed them, worn them over my head, wanked in them, and am wearing them right now as I type this, my cock straining against the black nylon, turned on at the thought of her hairy pussy that had been in them.

My mum says Carol and John enjoyed their visit and are thinking of coming back some time. I can't wait!



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